How to get to Antwerp from Brussels Airport
How to get to Antwerp from Brussels Airport

How to get to Antwerp from Brussels

Walking in Antwerp is a pleasure and enjoyment of architecture.  You will be charmed by the Market Square, the Royal Palace, the oldest zoo in the world, the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Steen Castle, the Plantin-Moretus Museum dedicated to printing, and Chocolate Nation with its fascinating and tasty exhibition.  A pleasant surprise will be a visit to the monument to Peter I.

We say “diamonds”, we mean “Antwerp”.  In this city in this area, it is famous in the whole world.  The Golden Quarter, with its Diamond Center and Museum, beckons all fans of jewelry craftsmanship.  Right at the Central Station, you are greeted by orderly rows of shops with jewelry of all ranks.

Fans of fine art strive to Antwerp to touch the beauty that has come out from under the brush of Rubens, Brauer, Van Dyck, Matses, Brueghel.  In Belgium’s second-largest city, the number of galleries, art workshops, museums are no less than in the capital.

Beckons Antwerp and with its nightlife, as well as shopping.  This city is called one of the fashion capitals.  There is a museum, and workshops of famous designers, and showrooms, and a lot of shops, respectively.

The direction Brussels-Antwerp works clearly.  Due to the popularity of the route, different types of transfers are available for tourists, car services, private driver and even an elite taxi.


Taxi service

The fastest way to cover the distance from Brussels to Antwerp is by taxi.  If you use it spontaneously, of course, the price will be higher.  But in case you decide to book a transfer in advance, the trip will cost from ???  to ???  Euro, depending on the class of the selected car.  In comfort and carelessness, you will go to Antwerp with an experienced, professional and, on request, Russian-speaking private driver who knows the terrain, peak hours of traffic and, most importantly, bypass routes.



  • fixed payment upon pre-order
  • driver with a nameplate will meet you and help you with your luggage


On weekdays, trains run between Brussels and Antwerp departing from Brussels every hour.  You can choose to get off at Centraal Station, from which the center and the most “delicious” sights are 1,5 km away, or at the Berchem station, which is 2 km from the main station.  There are only two stops along the way, so the trip takes only 40 minutes.  On weekends, the number of runs is reduced, but there are discounts on weekend passes.


  • the cost of a round-trip ticket is approximately 7-8 euro
  • the trip is pretty quick
  • The central station is an attraction in itself, a beautiful building


  • complex infrastructure inside the station, several levels with platforms, because of this, an inattentive or inexperienced passenger can easily miss his train
  • large passenger traffic at the expense of students, people traveling to the capital for work or business, tourists, including those with luggage, hurrying to the airport


Another popular type of transfer for tourists is buses of well-known companies.  Eurolines departures every 20 minutes, FlixBus departs once in the morning and once in the evening.  Tickets can be purchased on official websites, at terminals, ticket offices and at the driver.  The sooner you decide to make a purchase, the cheaper it will cost you.


  • many runs on weekdays
  • price from 2 to 15 euros


  • due to its economy, this type of transport is very popular
  • the bus travels from 50 to 70 minutes
  • season, holidays, weekends and other reasons affect the availability of tickets, schedules



Car for rent

Anyone over 21 years of age with a driving experience of 1 year and confirming an international document, with a bank card, a passport and a thirst for adventure can rent a car and go to Antwerp on it.


  • go where, when and how you want
  • supposedly 40 minutes on the road


  • the entrances to Antwerp located on the main transport artery very often suffer from long traffic jams
  • the problem of recent years in the city is road works and reconstruction, so get ready for the “bricks” and “detours”
  • add parking fees, duties, fuel costs, possible fines, you’ll pay
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