How to Get from Villasimius to Cagliari Airport

How to Get from Villasimius to Cagliari Airport

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Getting from Cagliari to Villasimius

Are you holidaying in the south of Sardinia? Perhaps you are wondering what transportation is like there? Well, luckily for you, AtoB has got exactly what you need. Not only are we the provider of some of the finest transfers money can buy, we also have all the inside info on public transport in Sardinia in Italy
Depending on your travel needs, you may prefer to take the bus, maybe you’re curious if there is a train to get you from Cagliari Airport to Villasimius – read on to find out! We are going to cover every transportation option possible, so you can make the right decision for you!

How to Get from Villasimius to Cagliari Airport

Best Way to Get from Villasimius to Cagliari Airport

What’s best for you, could not be so great for someone else. Travelling, and how one likes to do it varies from passenger to passenger. Maybe you’re travelling with your partner for a weekend getaway and want to spoil them? Well, booking one of AtoB’s luxurious first-class vehicles would be perfect.

Alternatively, you could be travelling solo, perhaps meeting friends who are already there – you won’t want to overspend! Taking the bus would probably suit your needs a lot more. Getting from the airport in any foreign country can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. By reading our new how-to guide, you get the inside scoop on how public transport works in Sardinia. If it still seems overwhelming, just click the “Book Now” button above and let AtoB handle the rest.

How to Get from Villasimius to Cagliari Airport

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Is there a Cagliari to Villasimius Train?

No. Although Sardinia does have an extensive railway system, it has yet to extend a route from Cagliari to Villasimius. There is a train station in Cagliari, but it services other routes on the island. Due to this, you will not be able to make the journey by train and will have to take the bus instead. Although not strictly a train, you will have to take a light rail transit from the airport to the centre of Cagliari, before taking an additional bus.

Getting a Cagliari to Villasimius Bus

As said, this is your only public transportation option available from Villasimius to Cagliari airport, and back. There are a few routes going between the two destinations, but you should be careful and choose the right one, as there are much longer routes, one of which will take as much as five hours to complete. That said, the following is the most efficient route, although you can check the official bus website to view the others.

From the airport, head to the light rail station, and catch the REG line to the city centre. This connection runs throughout the day, thus it is easy to find one waiting for you when arriving. After getting to the city, walk to the bus stop, which is just a few hundred metres away, and board the Linea 101 bus, directly to Villasimius. The trip should take a little over an hour, and promises some beautiful views along the way.

Tickets will cost €4.30 for a one-way ticket, and can be purchased from the kiosks at the airport. You can opt for an alternative ticket with extra journeys, if this better fits your itinerary.

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Distance from Villasimius to Cagliari Airport

The distance between the two is not too great. By road it is roughly 50 kilometres, whereas in a straight line the distance is just 35 kilometres.

Various Transfer Villasimius Aeroporto Cagliari Options

If public transport isn’t your thing, you can always take a taxi or book a private transfer. There are numerous standard cabs available in Sardinia, which are a convenient way to get around the city, although they can be expensive due to their tariff system. Under this system, the base fare for the cabs is fixed, with additional fees for things such as every sixth-mile and waiting time.

This can lead to high prices, especially if you’ve got a long journey. It’s a good idea to check the fare beforehand to get an estimate of how much your ride will cost. If you prefer to know the exact price of your trip prior to getting in, then AtoB is precisely what you need.

Cheapest Way from Villasimius to Cagliari Airport

The cheapest way to get from Villasimius to Cagliari is by bus. This option offers a cheap journey, although you’ll have to travel with other passengers and wait if the bus is full. If you want to be more comfortable, it’s best to book a private transfer with AtoB.

Our service offers transfers to your exact destination with a professional driver who will meet you at the airport and help you with your luggage. You can also customise your journey if needed – with extra luggage, a child seat, extra stops and so on. Compared to regular taxis, AtoB offers a stress-free ride where you can enjoy a comfortable journey and reach your destination safely and on time.

How much does a Taxi Villasimius Cagliari ride cost

You can expect to pay anywhere from €70 to €200 with a standard taxi cab provider, as due to working with a tariff system, if there is traffic, you can end up paying a lot more.

Booking a Transfer Villasimius Aeroporto Cagliari Ride with AtoB

Booking a private transfer from Villasimius to Aeroporto Cagliari is easy with AtoB’s user friendly booking platform. First select your pick-up location, either in Villasimius or at another address in Cagliari. Then, choose the place where you want to end the journey, as we offer a door-to-door service.

Be sure to personalise your ride by selecting your preferred vehicle type and amenities such as child seats or additional stops. Once you’ve made your selection, you can proceed to checkout and proceed with payment. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with your booking details. As your arrival date approaches, you’ll receive another email with your driver’s contact details. We hope you have a great trip! Happy Travels!

How to Get from Villasimius to Cagliari Airport


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