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What Are the Main AtoB Features?

AtoB taxi is your way to make your journey more comfortable. Our main priority is to provide our clients with the highest level of comfort. We’ll make the most of your trips by providing you with exceptional transfer services.



Our company will provide you with fast and convenient transport from the airport to the hotel or the nearest city where you will stay.

Professional drivers

Professional drivers

Our experienced chauffeurs and private drivers are always happy to help and give any recommendations about the city attractions, road, or your stay.

Comfort and safety

Comfort and safety

AtoB offers a fixed price. Our driver will meet you with a name card, and you will have the driver’s contact info so that you do not get lost.

Contact details of Rotterdam Airport

Airport Code:


Rotterdam Airport Phone:

+31 10 446 3444


Rotterdam The Hague Airport


Rotterdam Airportplein 60, 3045 AP Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is located in South Holland. Rotterdam Airport is the third biggest airport in the Netherlands. The airport was officially opened in October 1956.

It is also used by general aviation. There are several flying clubs, a skydiving club, and a flight training school located at the Rotterdam Airport.

Rotterdam airport provides daily flights to and from London, Berlin, and Hamburg. But also a lot of charter flights.

Rotterdam Airport is located 20 minutes from Rotterdam.

At Rotterdam Airport taxis are waiting at the exit of the airport in front of the terminal. So you can easily continue your trip by taxi, by bus or by train and see all attractions.

AtoB taxi to or from Rotterdam Airport.

Of course, everyone is dreaming about relaxing traveling while landing at Rotterdam Airport. When none would be able to interrupt your paradise. But what if you are arriving at Rotterdam Airport begins with a crowd of people, long lines for bus or tickets, and heavy luggage? Seems like starting a tiring trip in Rotterdam without mood. So the best solution is only your private taxi car. AtoB taxi offers you to make your trip comfortable and safe. It`s a great beginning of your weekend or business trip. The taxi driver will meet you at Rotterdam Airport with a sign and will take you to your hotel. You can also book an AtoB taxi when your trip is over to Rotterdam Airport. AtoB taxi offers transfers to various destinations. Including Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

Book taxi to / from Rotterdam Airport

The main taxi transfer destinations to and from Rotterdam Airport are:

  • Taxi to Rotterdam Airport;
  • Taxi from Rotterdam Airport;
  • Taxibus to Rotterdam Airport;
  • Taxi Rotterdam Airport – Hague Airport;
  • Taxi Rotterdam Airport – Schiphol Airport.

AtoB Airprt Taxi - transfers to / from Rotterdam Airport

AtoB Taxi Airport Service

Our highest priority is to complete a high level of comfort for our clients through taxi trips to Rotterdam. We provide a wide range of choices of taxi services and destinations for every customer. We try to make your trip faster, comfortable, and safe. So, AtoB taxi offers a different price for a taxi from or to the airport. It depends on the number of people and the car class. The price begins at 12 € (4 people) and from 13 € (8 people).

AtoB taxi service ranging from VIP private airport transfers to low-cost vacation trips in Rotterdam. They operate in several countries in Europe. AtoB taxi provides transfers to the airport, long-distance private transfers, hourly chauffeur service. The client can always find a solution for the trip to Rotterdam.

We offer our customers the following taxi-limousines categories:

  • Premium Economy Taxi Vehicle
  • Premium Economy Taxi Minibus
  • Business Class Taxi Limousine
  • Business Class Taxi Minivan
  • Executive Class Limousine

Traveling on a baby or infant in a taxi

When you are traveling in Rotterdam with your child AtoB taxi service provides a baby chair, booster, or high chair. You should specify the age of the baby and the type of baby seat you would like to have. AtoB taxi provides a unique transfer service for children. You can put your child (3-12 years old) in a safe taxi driver’s hands. All our taxi drivers are professionals. And you always will have an opportunity to call him and read a piece of information in the AtoB`s taxi app. By your instructions, we will deliver your child safely from point A to point B in Rotterdam.

Our taxis are equipped with the best child car seats, infant car seats, and baby boosters. With an AtoB taxi, you won’t need to take care of the comfort of your child, but you can also enjoy the trip to Rotterdam Airport.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a taxi from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam?

The cost of a taxi from Eindhoven Airport Amsterdam starts at 189 euros. The price depends on the car class and is fixed.

How long does it take to get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam city center?

The road distance from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam is 122 km. A taxi ride takes up to 1 hour and 18 minutes. The exact travel time depends on the location of your hotel in Amsterdam.

How do I get from Eindhoven Airport to City Centre / Amsterdam?

You can get by bus, by train or by taxi. The bus will take you directly from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam Central Station. It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes and cost 25 euro. The train takes 80 minutes and costs 19.20 euro. And Taxi will take you directly from Eindhoven Airport right to your staying place in Amsterdam.

Do I need to wear a face mask in a taxi from Eindhoven airport?

Yes, we are recommending this security measure like the best way to protect yourself.

What security measures are taken by taxi drivers in connection with COVID-19 in Eindhoven Airport?

AtoB taxi drivers in Amsterdam work in masks and gloves, and disinfect the vehicle after each customer. All cars have antiseptics and glass that separates the driver and passenger.

Can I order a taxi from Eindhoven Airport with a child seat?

Yes, you can have a child seat or a booster for an additional fee on booking for Eindhoven Airport taxis.

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Booking can be done at most 1 hour in advance.


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