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Booking can be done at most 1 hour in advance.

How to get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam?

Transfer options:

Eindhoven Airport (EIN) is located seven kilometers West of Eindhoven and 124 km away from Amsterdam. It is the second largest airport after Amsterdam Schiphol. What is the best way to get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam? There are several ways such as: by bus, train or taxi. Choose what the best is for you.

How do I get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam by bus?

You have two main options how to get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam by bus, find out which is the most suitable option for you:

Option 1

The first option is to take from the airport company AirExpressBus. The pickup and dropoff locations of AirExpressBus are located at Platform D under Parking P1. You can easily recognize the bus of AirExpressBus by the logo and white and red colors. The price of a one-way ticket is €24. If you want to buy round-trip tickets right away, it will be €40,50. If you book online, the price of a one-way ticket is €22,50 and the round-trip tickets are €38,50. The final stop is the Central Station in Amsterdam, which is just a few minutes walking to the city center. In this case, the travel time will be about 1h 45m.

Travel tip: if you miss your bus because your flight was delayed. You can go to Amsterdam Express Bus/Mobility Point desk and they will change your ticket to the next bus departure, free of charge.

Option 2

From the city center of Eindhoven, there is an option for a budget bus to Amsterdam – by Flixbus. The fare starts at €8. The only minus is that the bus pickup location is at Eindhoven Central Station not directly from the airport. Then the bus will arrive at the Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station, which is approximately 6 km away from Amsterdam Central Station, where you can reach by train that leaves every 15 minutes. The entire trip will take only 7 minutes. The price of a one-way train ticket for a Standard Class starts at €2,40, if you book in advance.

This is the best choice for budget travel when you do not carry heavy luggage and not in a hurry.

Travel Tip: There are 6 stops between Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station and Eindhoven Central Railway Station – a choice to be aware of if planning to go to Eindhoven Airport by train

How do I get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam by train?

There is no direct train from Eindhoven Airport (EIN) to Amsterdam city center. First, you will need to have a short walk in a distance of 300 meters to get from Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven Station. Then you have to take City Buses 400 or 401 to get from there to a nearby train station called Eindhoven Central Railway Station.

The buses leave every 30 minutes from Platform C. It will take with 16 stops about 25 minutes to get to Eindhoven Central Railway Station. The buses run between 06:00 AM and 00:27 AM. The Standard single bus ticket from Eindhoven Airport (EIN) to Eindhoven Central Railway Station costs €4,46. You can buy it directly from the driver, the Mobility Point desk in the terminal or from the vending machines near the bus stop. Payments are accepted with a card only (cash not accepted). There is also a possibility to book the tickets online.

Arriving at Eindhoven Central Railway Station, you have to walk about 1 minute to get to Eindhoven Centraal and take the Intercity train to Utrecht Central on Platform 4 to get to Utrecht Centraal Railway Station. The travel time with 2 stops is 51 minutes. The Intercity train runs between 06:49 AM and 01:05 AM. The cheapest one-way train ticket from Eindhoven Central Railway Station to Utrecht Centraal Railway Station is €15,60.

Upon arrival at Utrecht Centraal Railway Station, you should take the Intercity train Central Rotterdam-Amsterdam on Platform 5. The travel time with 2 stops is about 22 minutes. The price of a one-way train ticket from Utrecht-Centraal Railway Station to Amsterdam Centraal Station starts at €8,20, if you book in advance.

So, to get from Eindhoven Airport (EIN) to Amsterdam city center you will have 3 changes, spending about €30 and 2 hours of the travel time.

Children 0-3 years old always travel in the Netherlands for free. Each passenger of a valid Bravo local bus ticket can take up to two children 4-11 years old with him free of charge. Besides, children 4-11 years old can purchase a Railrunner ticket for €2,50 for a day trip on the Dutch railway network.

Useful Tips:

  • To avoid queues when you buy a bus ticket, purchase it at vending machines at Eindhoven Airport – the one beside the baggage belt – usually, there are fewer people there, than in one outside the airport;
  • Book an e-ticket online for a destination from Eindhoven to Amsterdam on the official NL railroad website, for an electronic ticket, there is a special bonus price as it is considered to be eco-friendly.

Important to know: Cash payment is not allowed to purchase the train tickets.

Find train tickets and timetables.

How do I get from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam by taxi?

One of the most comfortable ways of traveling is to book a taxi. Do you want a comfortable airport transfer to Amsterdam? An AtoB airport taxi is the perfect solution when traveling. Booking online a taxi has a lot of advantages such as: comfort, time-saving, stress-free, and fixed price. For busy business trips, every minute matters. To get from Eindhoven Airport (EIN) to Amsterdam will take approximately 1h 30m.

AtoB airport taxi and transfer service cares about customers and always offers the best solutions in order to make sure that you get the best taxi to airport service available. When you book an AtoB transfer service from Eindhoven Airport (EIN) to Amsterdam, you get an all-inclusive service together with a comfortable trip towards your destination.

Our professional chauffeurs provide high-level customer meet-and-greet service in the arrival hall with a sign. The main goal of AtoB is to make the client completely satisfied!

Booking online an AtoB airport taxi transfer you get the following:

  • Large fleet with a wide choice of cars from economy class to executive cars;
  • Child seats and boosters upon request;
  • Fixed rates;
  • English-speaking support 24/7;
  • Flexible cancellation 24 hours before the transfer;
  • Licensed professional drivers.

Currently, due to the COVID-19 epidemic situation, AtoB drivers were trained and strictly follow all the rules as to customer safety and cars disinfection after each ride. We everyday control the driver’s health and all of them are provided with disposable masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and other disinfectants.

What Are the Main AtoB Features?

AtoB taxi is your way to make your journey more comfortable. Our main priority is to provide our clients with the highest level of comfort. We’ll make the most of your trips by providing you with exceptional transfer services.



Our company will provide you with fast and convenient transport from the airport to the hotel or the nearest city where you will stay.

Professional drivers

Professional drivers

Our experienced chauffeurs and private drivers are always happy to help and give any recommendations about the city attractions, road, or your stay.

Comfort and safety

Comfort and safety

AtoB offers a fixed price. Our driver will meet you with a name card, and you will have the driver’s contact info so that you do not get lost.


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