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Belgian Travel Guide

Belgian Travel Guide
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Belgium, formally known as the Kingdom of Belgium, is a nation in Northwestern Europe. The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France, and the North Sea all border the nation to the north, east, southeast, and northwest, respectively. Belgian people are really friendly and are usually happy to help you with any directions you might need. Read our travel guide to find out all the things you need to know about Belgium.

Belgian passport

Fun Facts

about Belgium

The second-tallest men in the world are from Belgium, can you guess the first?

Tax rate in Belgium is considered one of the highest in Europe.

The first skyscraper in Europe was constructed in Belgium.

The highest divorce rate in Western Europe is found in Belgium.

A Belgian was responsible for creating the common sides of euro coins.

Weather in Belgium

Summers are relatively mild; winters are cool and damp with frequent fog. Around 10 °C is the annual mean temperature. The average minimum temperature in January in Brussels, which is roughly in the middle of the country, is just below zero degrees, whereas the average maximum is about 22 degrees in July.

Belgium weather

The Food in Belgium

Belgium Food

1. Belgian Chocolate.

The fact that famous brands like Neuhaus, Godiva, Leonidas, and Nirvana are a must-try shows how well-developed this style of gourmet cuisine is in Belgium.

2. Waffles.

There are three kinds of waffles: Liege waffles, Brussels waffles, Galettes campinoises.

Belgium Food
Belgium Food

3. Rice Tart.

In essence, it is a custard-like mixture of rice and milk or cream that is then covered in an egg glaze. It’s sweet but also filling and divine!

4. Fry shacks.

Numerous varieties of fried meat are another thing that you can see in a frituur (French Fries shop).

Belgium Food
Belgium Food

5. Steak Tartare.

The main ingredient in steak tartare is raw, lean beef steak that has been finely chopped, crushed, or minced. It is served in Belgium with more onions and spices than the standard steak tartare.

Top Attractions to see:

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1. Medieval Bruges.

No trip to the town would be complete without taking a picturesque canal boat tour, which is one of Bruges’ most endearing features.

Belgian passport

2. Upper Meuse Valley.

In the middle of the valley, Namur is home to a sizable university as well as a number of significant historical sites.

Belgian passport

3. Brussels: The Heart of Europe.

Restaurants and cafés in Brussels are well known for their diversity and representation of various culinary traditions.

Belgian passport

4. Memorials and Battlefields of Flanders.

Beginning their journey in Ypres, the scene of some of the most brutal trench warfare during World War I, visitors who want to see some of the most significant battlefields, memorials, and conflict-related landmarks should visit one of the various museums commemorating the battles.

Belgian passport

5. Leuven.

Garden of the Leuven University Originally built in 1738 as the university’s medical students’ herb garden, Kruidtuin is now home to a wide range of flora.

Belgian passport

6. Dinant.

The town of Dinant is located 28 kilometers south of Namur, It has a beautiful citadel, which affords excellent views of the town.

Museums to Visit:

1. Euro Space Center, Transinne

Visitors to the interactive center can experience a thrilling 5D Space Show, moonwalk on other planets in a virtual reality simulator, and watch a movie about the Solar System projected inside a sizable planetarium dome while taking a tour of the facility.

2. Musée Magritte Museum

René Magritte, a well-known surrealist artist from Belgium, is honored in one of the most well-known museums in the country.

Belgian passport Belgian passport

3. For Freedom Museum, Knokke-Heist

The “For Freedom Museum” in Knokke-Heist offers an accurate depiction of life during World War II for those who prefer a more substantial history lesson. There are three collections to look through: vehicles, aircraft wreckage, and uniforms.

4. Gallo-Roman Museum, Tongeren

It is devoted to the area in southeast Flanders’ prehistoric and Roman eras.

5. Chocolate Nation, Antwerp

Learn about the customs, innovations, brands, and products that have contributed to the global reputation of chocolate. The enormous fantasy machine, however, is one of the museum’s highlights. This demonstrates the process of making chocolate and the origin of its supple, velvety flavor.

Belgian passport

Transport options from Airports in Belgium

There are three main airports in Belgium: Antwerp airport, Charleroi, and Zaventem (Brussels) airport. The largest international airport in Belgium is Brussels Airport (BRU).

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