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5 ways to get from Brussels Zaventem Airport to Maastricht

5 ways to get from Brussels Zaventem Airport to Maastricht
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Hourly ride

There are 5 options to get from Zaventem Airport to Maastricht. You can use the bus, train, taxi, car rental, or AtoB private ride. Using private transport: taxi, car rental, or AtoB airport transfer is the fastest mean of transport (1h 20m).


car121 km 
clock  1h 30m

1. By bus

The cheapest way to get from Brussels Zaventem Airport to Maastricht is by bus. “Flixbus” is a public transport company that offers a transfer to Maastricht. It departs from the train station “Brussel-North”, which is located 11 km (6,1 miles) from the BRU.

Taking a bus to reach Maastricht can be inconvenient as there is no direct bus from the airport. You need to change 2 means of transport before you reach Maastricht.

How to get from Brussels Airport to “Brussel-North” station?

Transport Travel time Price Location
Train 9 minutes 9.10 € Below the terminal at level -1

How to get from “Brussel-North” station to Maastricht by Flixbus?

Options Travel time Price Additionally
Direct 07:00- 8:50 (1:50 hrs) 5.99 € Have one stop in Hasselt for 5 minutes.
Fast 20:55- 22:25 (1:30 hrs) 5.99 € Entertainment onboard- movies, audiobooks & games available for free on your mobile device

Additional information: free WI-FI, outlets, regularly disinfected for both option

  • Check-in is contactless
  • Buses are extremely disinfected
  • Trains are thoroughly cleaned
  • Passengers must wear masks
  • Stay seated while onboard
  • All transactions will incur a (2.25$) service fee.

2. By train

There is also no direct train from Zaventem Airport to Maastricht. You will need to change 2 trains to reach your destination. Nevertheless, if you decide to get the train, follow the direction:

Brussels Airport (Zaventem)




car1h 35m
pricefirst-class from 36.8 €
second-class from 25.5 €

How to get from the airport (BRU) to the train station?

How to get from the airport (BRU) to the train station? 

The train station is located directly under the departures and arrivals halls, at level -1. The platform is easily reached by a lift or the stairs.

You can pre-book a ticket online, buy it in vending machines, or at ticket offices.


3. By taxi

Price Estimated Trip Time Distance
  • from 150€ (3 passengers)
  • from 185€ (6 passengers)
1 hour 13 mins 121 km

How to get from the airport (BRU) to the taxi rank?

Level 2, main exit.

Zaventem Zaventem

4. Car rental

Car rental companies are mostly found in airports and require you to return the vehicles to the rental car park at the same airport.

However, some international car rental companies offer an opportunity to rent a car in one place and return it in another. (It can be within the boundaries of one country or beyond).

Keep that in mind before deciding and ask the company for the terms and conditions.

How to get from the airport (BRU) to The Rental Car Park?

The Rental Car Park is a short walk from the Arrivals Hall. Take the elevator or the stairs to level 0 and follow the ‘Car Rental Parking’ signs.


5. Transfer

It is the most convenient, reliable, and stress-free option. You do not need to worry about the traffic jams, baggage security, or that you miss your public transport if your flight is delayed.

Our company will provide you with a wide range of car classes, a high level of service, and professional drivers.

car1h 20m
pricefrom 145 € (Economy Class per 4 passengers)

Meeting point:

In front of Quick Burger, a fast-food establishment. This restaurant’s logo is a large white letter Q on a conspicuous red sign. The Quick Burger will be in your left hand when you exit the luggage area. Enter the arrival hall; your driver will be there, holding a nameplate just in front of the Quick Burger.

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Posted by AtoB • May 23, 2022

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