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10+1 Things to see in Paphos, Cyprus

10+1 Things to see in Paphos, Cyprus
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The Best Places to see and things to do in Paphos

Cyprus, and particularly Paphos have been popular tourist destinations for well over half a century; with tourists from all across the world flocking to its shores, especially during the summer, it is a touristic hotspot! Did you know that the Swedish group ABBA actually formed during a trip to Famagusta, Cyprus, back in the 70’s? Awesome, right?

So, if you are planning your next trip and want to ensure you know all of the best places to visit, well, the internet is practically overflowing with information on the topic – that’s probably how you ended up here! Let us take you on a brief tour of Paphos with this guide, and let you in on all the must-see places in and around this ancient city. Paphos is the perfect destination for travellers looking for a combination of beautiful beaches, tasty food, a lively nightlife, and the opportunity to explore ancient sites. The entire guide shall comprise of what we deem to be the best places to visit near Paphos – so grab a pen and paper and get to writing that travel bucket list!


Facts about Cyprus

The world’s oldest wine label comes from Cyprus. Commandaria dates back 5000 years!

Cyprus is the first nation to include the shape of its country of its Flag.

The first Olympic Medal won by Cyprus was at the 2012 London Games

More than 45 Beaches in Cyprus have been awarded the EU Blue Flag for Cleanliness & Safety

Nicosia, the capital of the island, is the only capital that is divided between two nations!

Cyprus has sunshine for 300 days a year. Make sure to pack your sunscreen!

10+1 Best Places to See and Things to do in Paphos

1. Paphos Harbour Boardwalk: After arriving in Paphos and getting to your hotel, you’re going to want to unwind for the evening, right? Well, visiting the centuries-old Paphos Harbour, with its countless bars and restaurants will be sure to give you a relaxing evening. There are a wide variety of traditional taverns, who offer fish mezzes and other local delicacies. Wash all of that down with some local beer and you should be feeling fully rejuvenated for your second day of exploring – don’t drink too much, though!

2. Paphos Castle: Either before or after you sit down for dinner, go for a walk towards the castle at the end of the boardwalk. It has stood there for centuries, changing ownership countless times before becoming a tourist attraction. Unless it is too late, you can also choose to head inside and see the unimpressive square interior of the building, or better yet, head upstairs and enjoy the beautiful view of the coast. For more info on the castle and its history, head over to here.

3. Coral Bay: Obviously, visiting Cyprus equals wanting to go to the beach. So, on your second day, head over to Coral Bay to soak up some sun. If you are visiting during the summer months, the beach is bound to be busy. If you want a little tip: simply walk further down the beach and you will find some space to lay down your towels, although it may be a little rocky! Distance: 10km/6.2mi from Paphos.

4. Tombs of the Kings: Cyprus is really known for two things: beaches and ancient stuff to see, and the Tombs of the Kings is one of the most famous of the latter. Even if you aren’t a big history buff, visiting the tombs is an interesting way to kill a few hours on one of your slower days. For a little backstory, as the name states, kings of ancient Cyprus were buried here, although a lot of information has been lost over the centuries, it has been stated that the tombs date back to the 4th century BC, and are carved out of solid rock. If you want to get a detailed account (as much as is known) of the tomb’s history, head over to here.

5. Shipwreck of Edro III: A Norwegian cargo ship that ran aground off the shores of Paphos (don’t worry the crew was saved), has become an unlikely tourist attraction. If you are the kind of traveller who is looking for your next instagrammable photo opportunity, then this is the place for you. Although there will probably be a large number of other similarly-minded tourists, you can definitely find a spot to snap a quick pic. Distance: 13.4km/8.3mi from Paphos. Distance: 13km/8mi from Paphos.

6. Monastery of Saint Neophytos: Whether you’re a devout Christian on a pilgrimage or a tourist interested in the religious practices of Cypriot monks, give this monastery a visit to explore its ancient past. Built in 1159 by the monasteries namesake, it is built inside a natural cave and consists of three parts: the church of the True Cross, the cell of Neophytos, and the Refectory – if you want to know what all of that means, follow this link to the Department of Antiquities’ official website. Distance: 8.2km/5.1mi from Paphos

7. Akamas Peninsula: Named after a hero of the Trojan War’s son, this cape is one of the many areas in Cyprus left untouched by man – as much as they’ve tried. The entire region spans some 230 square kilometres and consists of a dense mesh of shrubbery surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches the island has to offer. If you really want to explore this region, we recommend you rent a quad-bike or buggy, as this will allow you to safely travel off-road and get to a great number of secret locations! Distance: 31.7km/19.7mi from Paphos.

8. Avakas Gorge: A long, narrow natural trail through 30 metre high rock walls spanning over 1 kilometre. This is probably the best thing for those who prefer hiking, as it can take around 45 minutes to get from one end to the other. Although the hike may be long, the views are almost other-worldly as you wind along the narrow passage! Distance: 18.2km/11.3mi from Paphos.

9. Latchi: Quaint fishing village a few kilometres outside Paphos, which offers some amazing fish mezzes, although the price can oftentimes be a little steep for such small portions. As there are so many restaurants along the main strip, be sure to have a look at the menu and peek over at other customers’ tables to see the portion sizes. If you find a good one, you are in for some mouthwatering freshly caught fish! Distance: 30.2km/18.8mi from Paphos

10. Lara Turtle Beach: Have you ever seen a baby turtle being born? Well, depending on the season (summer), you can witness just that at Lara Beach! It is a heavily protected area, as turtle eggs are obviously very fragile and need to be kept safe – but you can still visit and watch the eggs hatch, up close! Distance: 22.5km/14mi

11. Kalidonia Waterfalls: Ok, so this isn’t strictly in Paphos, but it definitely worth a visit. It was difficult to choose between these waterfalls and Adonis’ bath (which is closer to Paphos) for which attraction would make the list, but we settled on Kalidonia. These waterfalls are hidden away in the mountainous region to the northeast of Paphos, and are quite possibly the best place to go in Cyprus. If you are lucky enough to get there before a tour bus shows up, you can even get the waterfalls almost exclusively to yourself. These waterfalls have to make it onto your bucket list! Distance: 43.4km/26.9mi from Paphos – yeah, pretty far!

10+1 Things to see in Paphos, Cyprus

Fot. Nikodem Nijaki/ CC BY-SA 3.0

10+1 Things to see in Paphos, Cyprus

10+1 Things to see in Paphos, Cyprus

Cyprus Travel and More

Although Cyprus is small and Paphos even moreso, there are countless things to do, see and eat while visiting. Our guides are perfect for both families and couples who are visiting the island, offering tons of local tips on the best places to go. That’s why we have put together a wide range of different guides covering all these topics and more. You can read up on how to get from Paphos to Nicosia, or even find out about public transport in Cyprus more generally. If you plan to visit other cities in Cyprus, then our guides are your go-to way to make the most out of the trip.

We hope you enjoy all these things to do and see in Cyprus, and have an amazing trip!

Happy Travels, or Καλό Ταξίδι!

10+1 Things to see in Paphos, Cyprus

Posted by AtoB • April 4, 2023

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