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Everything you need to know: Israel

Everything you need to know: Israel
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Numerous historical and religious sites, beach resorts, natural attractions, archaeological tourism, heritage tourism, adventure tourism, and ecotourism are all available in Israel. The world’s highest concentration of museums per person is in Israel.

Israel’s diverse topography is primarily to blame for the country’s wide range of climatic conditions. An excellent, rainy winter (October–April) and a dry, hot summer (May–September) are the two distinct seasons. In the summer, sea breezes along the coast regulate, and the Mediterranean beaches are well-liked.

Israel is the birthplace of Jewish culture and contains the roots of many aspects of Jewish cultures, such as philosophy, literature, poetry, art, mythology, and more.

Hummus, falafel, shawarma, shakshuka, and knafeh are considered delicacies from the Middle East. Any local will have a different version of the origin of these dishes that are the pride of the Middle East.

Among the most enjoyable cities on earth. Beautiful beaches, delicious food, fascinating museums, and excellent people-watching make this a vibrant city with lots of energy. Without seeing Tel Aviv, Israel’s most contemporary face, you really can’t understand the country. Tel Aviv is undoubtedly worth a trip.

Israel Travel Guide

Top Attractions to see:

Israel Travel Guide

1. Jerusalem

Israel Travel Guide

2. Masada

Israel Travel Guide

3. Safari Park Ramat Gan

Israel Travel Guide

4. Rosh Hanikra

Israel Travel Guide

5. Bahai Gardens

Tips to know when you are traveling to Israel:

1. Always carry electrical adapters with you: The most frequent occurrence for tourists is that they lose access to their electrical equipment. Islam’s electrical outlets require a three-round-pegged prong.

2. Most restaurants offer ‘Kosher’ food: It indicates that they are abiding by their religious principles, like what Muslims consider Halal. According to Jewish law, Kosher food indicates that the animal was killed as humanly as possible.

3. Pack and wear modest clothing: Even though it may be warm during the summer, it is advised to dress in long skirts or pants and t-shirts with sleeves that fall below the elbow if you intend to visit places like the Western Wall or the site of Jesus’ crucifixion.

4. Be prepared to be strictly interviewed at the airport: Before allowing you to enter, they will undoubtedly interview you if you are a tourist.

5. Keep the paper visa/slip you receive at the airport safely: Israel does not stamp your passport when you visit because of the overall threat issue. They give you a paper visa to carry with you instead, saving you the trouble.

6. Be prepared for the Shabbat hours: Friday and Saturday are the start of the weekend in Israel. Sunday through Thursday are considered working days. Jews begin their Sabbath at dusk on Fridays. During the weekend, no business or public transportation is operating.

Tel Aviv

  • If you enjoy water sports like windsurfing, kiteboarding, or jet skiing, Tel Aviv is the ideal place for you. As a result, if you do these things frequently, you’ll probably appreciate Tel Aviv even more.
  • It is highly advised to visit the city on Friday and Saturday, which are Shabbat days. Weekends here are entirely different from weekends anywhere else.
  • You may already be aware if you have an interest in architecture that Tel Aviv is one of the best cities to view Bauhaus (modernist) architecture.
  • The city was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as “an outstanding example of new town planning and architecture in the early 20th century” because it is so magnificent.
  • Streets are covered in murals, graffiti, and independent art installations, and there is a pretty cool street art scene.


Museums to see:

Israel Travel Guide

Vad Vashem

The official Holocaust memorial in Israel is called Yad Vashem. It is devoted to preserving the memory of Jews who were murdered and to honoring Jews who resisted being persecuted by the Nazis.

Israel Travel Guide

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Israel’s Tel Aviv is home to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Modern and contemporary art from Israel and around the world are showcased and preserved at the museum.

Transport options from Ben Gurion Airport

Israel’s main international airport, Ben Gurion Airport, also known as Nat bag in Hebrew, is the busiest airport in the nation. About 45 kilometers northwest of Jerusalem and 20 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv, the airport is situated on the northern outskirts of the city of Lod.

Ben Gurion airport passengers have the option of taking a bus into Tel Aviv’s downtown. To get to the city, you must change buses twice. You also have the option of taking the train to reach the city from the airport.

By taxi, it takes just 14 minutes to get from Tel Aviv’s city center to TLV Airport. Remember to only use authorized taxis to prevent fraud. To be dropped off at the correct terminal, passengers should make an advance inquiry about the terminal from which they will be departing.

The most comfortable and safe option is AtoB transfer though. All tolls, parking fees, gratuitous wait times, and meet and greet services are all included in the AtoB taxi prices. You won’t have to stress about missing any last-minute public transportation or making it to the airport on time when you use our transfer service.

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Posted by AtoB • August 12, 2022

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