How to Get from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Copacabana in Brazil

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Best Way to Get from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Copacabana

Embarking on a journey to Rio de Janeiro, with its renowned Copacabana beach immortalised by Barry Manilow’s song, is an adventure many look forward to. This destination, surrounded by iconic landscapes and the warmth of the Atlantic, attracts visitors eager to experience its unique charm. Copacabana, specifically celebrated in Manilow’s melody, epitomises the allure of Rio’s coastal life. However, the transition from Rio de Janeiro Airport to this iconic beach requires a bit of forethought.

A myriad of transportation options are at your disposal, each offering a different experience of the city. Among these, AtoB Transfer provides a service that blends seamlessly into the array of choices, emphasising ease and reliability without overshadowing the plethora of other modes available. Choosing the right transportation is crucial for a smooth introduction to the wonders of Copacabana, setting the tone for a memorable visit that lives up to the vibrant scenes depicted in song – at the Copa, Copacabana, the hottest spot north of Havana!

How to Get from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Copacabana in Brazil

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Is there Public Transport from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Copacabana?

Yes, public transport is indeed available for those looking to journey from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Copacabana, offering a budget-friendly option amidst the rhythm of city life that Barry Manilow so famously captured in his song about Copacabana. The most common public transport method is the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) combined with the metro. Initially, travellers need to catch the BRT at the airport, transferring at Vicente de Carvalho station to the metro, which will take you directly to Copacabana. This journey typically requires about an hour, depending on the time of day and traffic conditions, with a total cost that’s quite economical, around R$ 10-15 (Brazilian Reais), making it an attractive option for those travelling light and looking to save.

However, it’s important to note that this route involves a change between the BRT and the metro, which might be a bit challenging if you’re navigating with a lot of luggage or if you’re unfamiliar with the local language and signage. Despite this, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and observe the city’s pace firsthand.

For those seeking a more direct and hassle-free experience, AtoB Transfer stands out as a reliable alternative. Offering door-to-door service from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Copacabana, AtoB eliminates the need for changes, making your journey to the heart of Manilow’s celebrated beach as smooth and comfortable as possible.

How to Get from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Copacabana in Brazil

Fot. Rafael Delazari (CC BY 2.0 DEED)

Distance from Copacabana to Rio de Janeiro Airport

The distance between Rio de Janeiro Airport (specifically Galeão International Airport, or GIG) and Copacabana is approximately 25 kilometres (about 15.5 miles). The journey by car can vary significantly depending on the time of day and traffic conditions. Under light traffic, it might take around 30 to 45 minutes.

Booking a Rio de Janeiro Airport to Copacabana Transfer with AtoB

Booking a private transfer with AtoB to glide from Rio de Janeiro Airport to the sunlit stretches of Copacabana is a straightforward affair, designed to add ease and comfort to your travel plans. Start by visiting AtoB’s user-friendly website, where you’ll be prompted to input your arrival date and time, alongside your destination details, tapping into the convenience of their door-to-door service that ensures you’re whisked away to your desired location without a hitch.

Once you’ve filled in the initial details, you’ll be guided to the next page, where the choice becomes more personalised. Here, you’re presented with a selection of vehicles, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs, whether you’re travelling solo or in a group, seeking luxury or simplicity. After selecting your vehicle, AtoB offers the opportunity to tailor your journey further with extra add-ons. Whether you need a child seat for the little ones, wish for an extra stop along the way, or any other specific requirement, this is the moment to make your transfer truly yours.

After personalising your ride, the final step is payment. A secure and simple process, it ensures your booking is confirmed and locked in. Shortly after, a confirmation email lands in your inbox, providing peace of mind and details about your upcoming transfer. To smooth out your arrival even further, AtoB sends another email 24 hours before your scheduled pickup, introducing you to your assigned driver along with their contact details. This thoughtful touch ensures that, from the moment you land, you’re in capable hands, ready to be transported to your destination with the same ease and grace evoked by Copacabana’s timeless allure in song.

Taxi Fare from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro
City centre
9 kilometers 14 minutes
People Vehicle Class People People LuggageLuggage PricePrice
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy 4 3 €22.00
AtoB Airport TransfersBusiness Class 3 2 €95.00
AtoB Airport TransfersFirst-Class 3 2 €136.00
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy Van 7 6 €44.00
AtoB Airport TransfersBusiness Van 7 6 €126.00
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy Van+ 8 6 €49.00


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