How to Get from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Ilha Grande in Brazil

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Best Way to Get from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Ilha Grande

Travelling to Ilha Grande from Rio de Janeiro requires a bit of planning, especially when it comes to choosing the right transportation. The journey from the city’s airport to this serene island destination presents travellers with a variety of options, each offering a different experience. While the direct route to the island by land and sea is part of the adventure, understanding the nuances of each method can make your trip smoother and more enjoyable. Among the choices, AtoB Transfer provides reliable services for part of your journey, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience to the point where the sea journey begins. However, since AtoB doesn’t offer water taxis, exploring other avenues for the final leg to Ilha Grande becomes an essential part of your travel plan. This introduction aims to guide you through these options, highlighting the importance of selecting the right mode of transport to suit your travel needs and preferences.

How to Get from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Ilha Grande in Brazil

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Is there Public Transport from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Ilha Grande?

Yes, there is public transport available for travellers looking to journey from Rio de Janeiro to Ilha Grande, although it requires a combination of bus and ferry services. The adventure typically begins with a bus ride from Rio to the coastal town of Angra dos Reis or Mangaratiba, where travellers can catch a ferry to the island. The bus journey, operated by companies such as Costa Verde Transportes, can take approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on the departure point and traffic conditions. Prices for the bus ride vary but generally start around R$ 60-100 (Brazilian Reais), while the ferry to Ilha Grande costs about R$ 20-40.

It’s important to note that the ferry schedules might change based on the season, so checking the latest timetable before your trip is a good idea. The total travel time, including the ferry ride, can take upwards of 4 hours, so preparing for a half-day journey is wise. There are no direct public transport options to the island, meaning travellers will need to make at least one change between bus and ferry. For those looking for a more seamless experience up to the ferry departure points, AtoB Transfer offers a comfortable and reliable alternative to navigate the initial leg of your journey with ease, before you switch to the ferry for the final stretch to Ilha Grande.

How to Get from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Ilha Grande in Brazil

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Distance from Ilha Grande to Rio de Janeiro Airport

The distance between Rio de Janeiro Airport (specifically Galeão International Airport) and the closest point to Ilha Grande where you would typically catch a ferry (such as Angra dos Reis) is approximately 155 kilometers (about 96 miles). The drive can take around 2 to 3 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the specific route taken.

Booking a Rio de Janeiro Airport to Ilha Grande Transfer with AtoB

Booking a private transfer with AtoB’s user-friendly platform is a straightforward process designed to ensure you enjoy a seamless travel experience from the moment you land. Start by visiting the AtoB website, where you’ll find the booking interface right on the homepage. Here, you’ll enter your arrival date and time, along with the specific location you need to be taken to. Remember, AtoB prides itself on offering door-to-door service, making your journey as convenient as possible, although we are not able to take you across the sea to get to Ilha Grande, with a ferry needed to complete the journey.

Once you’ve provided your initial travel details, you’ll proceed to the next page. This is where you’ll select the vehicle that best fits your needs. AtoB has a range of options to accommodate solo travellers, families, and larger groups, ensuring comfort for everyone. After choosing your vehicle, you’ll have the opportunity to personalise your ride. AtoB offers a variety of extra add-ons, allowing you to tailor your transfer experience to your preferences, whether you need child seats, extra luggage space, or would like a VIP meet-and-greet service.

After finalising your vehicle choice and personalising your service, the next step is payment. AtoB’s secure payment system ensures your details are protected. Upon completing your transaction, you’ll receive a confirmation email detailing your booking. To keep you informed and at ease, AtoB sends another email 24 hours before your arrival. This email will include the contact details of your assigned driver, allowing for a smooth and stress-free connection at your destination. With these simple steps, AtoB makes sure your journey begins on a high note, offering peace of mind and the utmost convenience.

Taxi Fare from Rio de Janeiro Airport to Ilha Grande

157 kilometers 148 minutes
People Vehicle Class People People LuggageLuggage PricePrice
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy 4 3 €174.00
AtoB Airport TransfersBusiness Class 3 2 €539.00
AtoB Airport TransfersFirst-Class 3 2 €839.00
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy Van 7 6 €251.00
AtoB Airport TransfersBusiness Van 7 6 €707.00
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy Van+ 8 6 €276.00


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