How to Get from Cartagena Airport to Bocagrande in Colombia

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Best Way to Get from Cartagena Airport to Bocagrande

Travelling to a new destination always comes with its share of excitement and a bit of planning, especially when it comes to moving from one point to another. Cartagena, Colombia, is a city that captures the imagination with its stunning coastal views and historical charm. For visitors arriving at Cartagena Airport with sights set on Bocagrande, a scenic area known for its beaches and dining spots, figuring out the best way to get there is very important.

While there are several transportation options available, choosing the right one can significantly enhance your experience. In this context, AtoB is one of the options you should definitely consider, offering services for those looking for a direct route.

However, our focus here is to explore the full spectrum of transportation methods, ensuring you can make an informed choice that suits your needs, budget, and style of travel. Let’s dive into the ways you can navigate this journey, highlighting the pros and cons of each to help you plan your trip effectively.

How to Get from Cartagena Airport to Bocagrande in Colombia

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Is there Public Transport from Cartagena Airport to Bocagrande?

Public transport between Cartagena Airport and Bocagrande is available, offering a budget-friendly option for travellers. The most common public transportation method is the bus service. Buses run frequently from the airport to the city centre, where you might need to switch to another bus or take a short taxi ride to reach Bocagrande. The entire journey can take around an hour to an hour and a half, depending on traffic conditions and the time spent waiting for connections. The cost is notably low, with the bus fare from the airport to the city centre costing a few thousand Colombian pesos, and the subsequent fare to Bocagrande being in the same range, making it an economical choice for those travelling light and with more flexible time schedules.

It’s important to note that while this option is cost-effective, it may require a bit of navigation and some basic Spanish to communicate with bus drivers or locals for directions. For those looking for a more straightforward and stress-free journey, AtoB Transfer provides a direct service from Cartagena Airport to Bocagrande. This option eliminates the need for changes and can be particularly appealing after a long flight or for those carrying heavy luggage, ensuring a smooth start to your visit.

How to Get from Cartagena Airport to Bocagrande in Colombia

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Distance from Bocagrande to Cartagena Airport

The distance between Cartagena Airport (officially known as Rafael Núñez International Airport) and Bocagrande is approximately 7 to 10 kilometres (4 to 6 miles), depending on the specific route taken. By car, the journey typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes, although this can vary based on traffic conditions.

Booking a Cartagena Airport to Bocagrande Transfer with AtoB

Booking your ride with AtoB is a simple affair. To begin, just head over to our booking page and input your arrival date and time, followed by your destination in Bocagrande. Keep in mind that you can input an exact address, as we offer a door-to-door service.

Once that is done, proceed to the next page, where a comprehensive overview of all available vehicles will be presented to you. From economy sedans, all the way up to vans and luxury vehicles, we guarantee the perfect ride. Not only do you have a wide range of vehicles to choose from, we also have a variety of extra add-on services, which you can use to customise your ride to fit your travel preferences perfectly.

Finally, scroll down to our secure payment portal and choose between card or virtual wallet payments. With payment confirmed, you will receive an email from us detailing your trip and offering you a basic invoice.

As the day of your ride approaches, a follow up email will arrive in your inbox, providing you with your assigned driver’s contact information.

Just as easy as that, you’ve successfully booked a transfer from Cartagena to Bocagrande! Happy Travels!

Taxi Fare from Cartagena Airport to Bocagrande

City centre
7 kilometers 13 minutes
People Vehicle Class People People LuggageLuggage PricePrice
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy 4 3 $29.00
AtoB Airport TransfersBusiness 3 2 $89.00
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy Van 7 6 $48.00
AtoB Airport TransfersBusiness Van 7 6 $99.00
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy Van+ 8 6 $62.00


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