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Best Way to Get from Helsinki Airport to City Centre

The ideal way to go from Helsinki Airport to the City Centre is very subjective and entirely dependent on the needs of each individual tourist. However, the primary goal of this how-to guide is not to provide you with the undeniably “best” mode of transportation—though you can probably guess which one we would choose—rather, we want to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision that works best for you.

If you have children, travelling by train or bus may be tough, but it is a wonderful alternative if you are flying alone. On the other hand, travelling via private transfer may seem a trifle excessive for the budget-conscious solo traveller. We hope that after reading this page, you have made a decision and chosen the best option for you in Finland.

How to Get from Helsinki Airport to City CentreHelsinki city

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Is There a Train from Helsinki Airport to City Centre?

Upon landing, simply follow the well-marked signs leading to the train station within the airport complex. Trains operate frequently, granting you easy access to the heart of the city. The journey itself presents passengers with captivating glimpses of Helsinki’s urban panorama. With a travel time averaging between 30 to 35 minutes, it stands as one of the most time-efficient options available. Comfortable seating, luggage compartments, and occasionally available Wi-Fi onboard enhance the travel experience.

For ticketing, you can conveniently purchase your train ticket at the station or even through mobile apps. A single adult ticket costs around €4.10. The Ring Rail Line train offers not only convenience but also a wallet-friendly and scenic passage connecting you from the airport to Helsinki’s vibrant city centre. Please note that prices and details might have changed, so it’s advised to verify the most current information before your journey.

How to Get from Helsinki Airport to City CentreHelsinki Central Station / Fot. Bahnfrend / CC BY-SA 4.0

Getting a Bus from Helsinki Airport to City Centre

Buses operate regularly, providing a convenient link to the bustling heart of Helsinki. The journey showcases a snapshot of the city’s surroundings, adding an element of exploration to your commute. With a typical travel duration ranging from 40 to 55 minutes, the bus ride offers ample time to relax and enjoy the sights. Ticket purchasing is made easy – you can buy your bus ticket at the airport’s ticket machines, from the driver upon boarding, or even via mobile apps. A single adult ticket is approximately €4.10. Whichever your travel style, the airport bus presents an accessible and cost-effective means of connecting from the airport to the vibrant city center of Helsinki.

How to Get from Helsinki Airport to City CentreHelsinki bus / Fot. Kevin.B / CC BY-SA 4.0

Distance from Helsinki Airport to City

Helsinki Airport is located approximately 18 kilometres (11 miles) from the city centre of Helsinki, Finland. The drive from Helsinki city centre to the airport typically takes around 25 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Alternative Transportation from Helsinki Airport to City Centre

As we’ve now gone over your public transportation choices, let’s have a look at your private transportation options for travelling to Helsinki Airport from the city centre. To begin, car rental provides you with the independence of having your own vehicle, allowing you to explore the city at your own leisure. It may, however, be subject to additional fees such as fuel, insurance, and parking.

Standard taxi cabs are frequently available outside the airport and provide convenience and a direct path to your destination. Nonetheless, they can be expensive, especially during peak hours or when dealing with heavy traffic.

Private transports, such as those offered by AtoB, are an excellent alternative, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey. With skilled drivers and bespoke services, AtoB ensures hassle-free travel.

Hiring AtoB’s private transfer service has no drawbacks because our excellent service ensures that all passengers have a nice and enjoyable experience. Individual preferences and needs will ultimately determine whether private transportation is selected, but AtoB’s service stands out as a dependable and excellent option for a stress-free journey between Helsinki Airport and the city centre.

Cheapest Way from Helsinki Airport to City Centre

Taking the train from Helsinki Airport to the city core is the most cost-effective option available. Finland’s train service is fast and reasonably priced, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious travellers. The train follows a direct route with frequent departures, resulting in a short wait. Nonetheless, for some travellers, the efficiency and comfort of a private transfer may outweigh the cost difference. Private transfers, such as those offered by AtoB, offer major benefits over riding the train.

To begin, a private transfer offers personalised attention and door-to-door service, eliminating the need to explore the city while carrying your luggage.

Furthermore, private transfers offer a higher level of luxury, with spacious seating and frequently attractive vehicles, making your journey more enjoyable and pleasurable, especially after a long flight. Furthermore, AtoB’s experienced drivers are knowledgeable and capable, ensuring a stress-free ride without the burden of changing forms of transportation.

While using the train is the most cost-effective option, spending a little more on a private service with AtoB can enhance your overall travel experience and leave you with positive memories of your arrival in Helsinki.

Price of Taxi from Helsinki Airport to City Centre

Vehicle Class Passengers Luggage Price
Economy 4 3 €95.00
Business 3 2 €146.00
First Class 3 2 €228.00
Economy Van 6 6 €123.00
Business Van 7 6 €178.00
Economy Van+ 7 6 €132.00

Booking a Helsinki Airport to City Centre Transfer with AtoB

The easy part is now to book your Helsinki Airport Taxi. To begin, go to our booking page and enter your arrival date and time, then your destination. Remember that we provide a door-to-door service, meaning you can enter an exact location from drop-off. Furthermore, we recommend booking your return trip ahead of time, as this will not only guarantee a lower price, but will also provide you with peace of mind, as you will have planned everything ahead of time.

After completing the required information, proceed to the next page, where you will be presented a comprehensive list of all available vehicles for your specified trip.

Choose the vehicle that best matches your needs, whether it’s a budget-friendly sedan for a solo holiday or one of our vans for a larger group excursion.

After you’ve made your selection, you can adjust it to meet your personal travel needs. Among many other options, you can add child seats, include extra stops, or request extra waiting time.

You can proceed to our payment method once you’ve added all of the accessories you’ll need to design your vehicle. Simply provide the necessary information, and you’re done! You will receive two emails regarding your trip: one detailing the booking itself, and the other including your driver’s contact information – make sure you contact him!

You have now successfully reserved your Helsinki Airport Taxi Ride! Happy Travels

How to Get from Helsinki Airport to City Centre