How to Get from Frejus to Saint Raphael

How to Get from Frejus to Saint Raphael

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Getting from Saint Raphaël to Frejus with AtoB

Travelling in the Azure Coast and want to know how to get between the two towns of Frejus and Saint Raphael? Although the two are located exactly next to each other, we thought it was vital to write this article, in order to ensure that you can safely, and easily get between the two areas. 
Both are located in Southern France, and are just a few kilometres apart from each other, thus, for the health-conscious traveller, this will be one of our few guides that also recommend just walking. So, read on, and you can find out all the transportation methods!

​​Saint Raphael and Frejus are attractive towns situated on the coast of the French Rivera, and make up part of what is believed to be one of the most luxurious resorts in the world. The location is known for its glamorous and breathtaking views, with crystal-clear waters, dramatic white cliffs and lush hidden coves just waiting to be explored. 
Activities are plentiful in Saint Raphael and Frejus, with options ranging from exploring the multiple historical monuments to the high-end yachting opportunities. Numerous holiday packages are available, allowing visitors access to world-class resorts and high-quality excursions.

The local county offers diverse menus in unique and luxurious restaurants, and access to multiple markets and shopping. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience while on vacation, look no further than Saint Raphael and Frejus. For a stress-free trip to these remarkable towns, trust AtoB Transfer for the best in luxury transportation services.

Getting a Train Frejus – Saint Raphael ride?

You can indeed take a train between the two towns. It will be a brief, 4 minute trip, but fun nonetheless. From the main station in Saint Raphael, namely the Valescure station, you will want to catch the 881112 train. This will take you to the main station in Frejus, and costs only €2.10, making it an incredibly affordable option. Tickets can be bought on the official SNCF website, or at kiosks at the train station.

Travel Tip: The train makes a 2 minute stop in Saint-Raphael, meaning you will have ample time to board.

How to Get from Frejus to Saint Raphael

How do I get a Bus from Saint Raphael to Frejus?

Similarly to the train, taking the bus is also an attractive option, mostly due to the price, which is also €2.10, like the train. By taking the bus you will have an opportunity to briefly see both towns. In total the trip will take 22-24 minutes, making it a relatively longer trip than taking the train, this likely being due to the traffic present in between the two towns.

Nevertheless, it is still a nice way to get between the two. If you were wondering about the Bus Saint Raphaël – Fréjus horaires, or schedule, then you don’t need to worry – the 04 bus runs at convenient times throughout the day, starting at 6 am, and ending at 8 pm, whereas the 837 bus only runs at 4 intervals.

Travel Tip: Have fun, it will be over before you know it!

How to Get from Frejus to Saint Raphael

How far is Frejus to Saint Raphael

3 kilometres in a straight line, 4 kilometres by road. So, as said, if you are feeling up to it, you could even walk the distance in around 40 minutes! If you feel like a good workout, then go for it!

Taxi Fréjus – Saint Raphaël

Taxis can also be a convenient option for travelling in the region, and you can easily hail one from the town centre in either of the two locations. The only issue which arises with hailing a taxi, is the possibility of getting ripped-off by the driver, who may overcharge for the trip, especially if there is traffic or other congestion on the road.

In order to avoid this, we recommend booking a transfer with AtoB, as this means you are getting a fixed price, which is paid in advance through our secure booking platform. What’s more is that you can reserve vehicles in a number of different categories, ranging from economy to first-class. We also offer a range of additional extras, which allow you to customise your ride to your specifications. We have child seats, additional stop options, a meet and greet service and many more. So, what are you waiting for? Let us take you the small distance in style!

AtoB Transfer from Saint Raphael to Frejus

To book your ride with us, simply head over to our easy-to-use booking platform, and you’re almost done! Input your pickup location and time, followed by your desired destination. Please note, we offer a door-to-door service, meaning we can pick you up directly from your front door, and get you all the way to your destination, easily and efficiently.

After clicking “next step”, you will be provided with an exhaustive list of all the available options for your desired trip. You can choose economy sedans and vans, all the way up to luxury first-class saloons, the choice is yours. Following this, you will be able to include extra add-ons, allowing you to make the ride tailored to your specifications.

Finally, you will encounter the payment section, which accepts all major credit cards, as well as ApplePay. That’s it! You will receive a confirmation email, followed by an additional email containing your driver’s contact information. See you soon, and Bon Voyage!

How to Get from Frejus to Saint Raphael


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