How to Get from Nice Airport to Menton?

How to Get from Nice Airport to Menton?

Get all the know-how on getting from Nice to Menton with AtoB’s how-to guide!

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Getting from Nice to Menton with AtoB

Are you looking for tips on how to get from Nice to Menton? Our how-to guide will provide various options to make the transfer. From using the rail service or taking the bus or even getting a private transfer, there is something to fit every budget and travel plan. Our guide will make getting between these two points of the French Riviera enjoyable and stress-free. Let’s take a closer look at the different ways of getting from Nice to Menton.

Getting a Train Nice Airport to Menton?

If you’re looking to get from Nice to Menton by train, you have a few different options. The most popular and efficient way is to take the TER8600- train. It departs from Nice Ville station and arrives at Menton Garavan station, running all year round. The journey is relatively short, taking around 30 minutes, and spans for about 20.4 km.

The ticket price for a single journey is €5.60 but can vary depending on the season. The TER8600- trains are usually double-decker, air-conditioned trains that have plenty of seating, so you can partake in the scenery as you travel. It usually departs every 40 minutes and you can also bring your bike or any other luggage onboard. A super-comfy, peaceful and pleasant ride is guaranteed.

o make your journey quick and easy, it is best to contact the ticket office and obtain an up-to-date schedule, to avoid any delays and cancellations. Alternatively, you can check online for the latest timetable.

Travel Tip: If you plan to travel by train in the south of France, it is always a good idea to purchase a multi-trip ticket. This allows you to travel more flexibly and saves money on individual trip fares.

How to Get from Nice Airport to Menton

Getting a Bus from Nice Airport to Menton?

Travelling between the two towns by bus is an affordable option which offers amazing views along the French Riviera. A direct bus line runs through Monaco every 20 minutes from 6 am until half past nine at night. The bus number is the LR100 and can be caught at Le Port in Nice and arrives at Madone Parc in Menton. The cost of the ticket is €1.50 for a single trip, making it the cheapest option available.

Travel Tip: If you plan to travel a lot by public transport, you can purchase a Lignes D’Azur multi-ticket for around €20.

How to Get from Nice Airport to Menton

How Far is Nice Airport from Menton

The distance from Nice Airport to Menton is around 20 kilometres.

Nice Airport to Menton Transfer Options

Aside from the more traditional transportation options of train, bus, and car, visitors wanting to travel from Nice to Menton have many other options. For those who would like to experience stunning views along the Mediterranean coast, there’s nothing quite like taking the ferries and boats which provide daily transportation between the two cities. The privately owned boats that traverse the coastline can whisk passengers to Menton in as little as 15 minutes and also offers a variety of sightseeing tours.

For those who are feeling a bit nostalgic, the entire coastline from Nice to Menton makes for fantastic cycling. Whether you’d like to enjoy the scenic coastal views, take a leisurely ride, or traverse the stretch as quickly as possible, the entire trip can be done in a single day. There are plenty of rental facilities along the coastline which makes the bicycle a very accessible option.

AtoB Airport Taxi Nice Airport to Menton

AtoB’s transfer service from Nice Airport to Menton is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable and efficient ride, who perhaps prefers the privacy of their own car. Our professional drivers understand the area well and have a wealth of knowledge about local attractions and amenities.

AtoB’s fleet of high-quality vehicles are secure, reliable, and air-conditioned, helping to ensure a pleasant travel experience. Our service is also affordable and provides an easy way to get from the airport to your destination. What sets our service apart from others is the ability it gives you to personalise your transfer. We offer add-on options such as the inclusion of a child seat, or the choice of language you would like your driver to speak, among many others.

How to Get from Nice Airport to Menton

Luxury Chauffeur transfer from Menton to Nice

AtoB’s luxury chauffeur service offers the highest quality and convenience when it comes to travelling between Nice and Menton or any other destinations. With our extensive fleet of luxury vehicles, you’re guaranteed a safe, comfortable and memorable journey.

Our experienced, knowledgeable and courteous chauffeurs have your best interest at heart, customising the trip to best suit your needs. From choosing routes that take in the breathtaking countryside, to suggesting places to explore during stopovers, our chauffeurs ensure you enjoy every moment of your journey. Book with AtoB and let us show you the perfect way to travel!

What to See in Nice and Menton

The French Riviera offers beautiful things to see non-stop. To make sure your trip is extra special, we wanted to put together a quick guide on the top 10 things to see in both Nice and Menton, as well as in between. We hope these make your holiday a little more special, Bon Voyage!

AtoB’s Top 10 Things to See in Nice and Menton

1. Promenade des Anglais: This iconic seaside promenade is situated along the seafront in Nice and is a popular destination for tourists looking to take in the beautiful views of the Cote d’Azur.

2. Château Grimaldi: These sprawling ruins of an 18th-century castle offer impressive panoramic views of Nice, Menton and the Riviera coastline from its hilltop vantage point.

3. Old Town: Nice’s historic old town is a picturesque maze of winding cobbled streets and colourful old buildings, with plenty of cafes and restaurants to explore.

4. Menton Harbour: A hub of activity in the French Riviera, Menton’s waterfront is lined with some of the best seafood restaurants in the area and a great place to watch the sunset.

5. Cactus Garden: Found in the town of Menton, this unique cactus garden features an array of exotic plant species, with a backdrop of the sea on one side and the Alps on the other.

6. Castle Hill: Follow a path up to the peak of Castle Hill and take in the sweeping views of both Nice and Menton below.

7. Cours Saleya Market: This bustling outdoor market in Nice is an ideal spot to pick up local souvenirs or enjoy a bite to eat.

8. St. Paul de Vence: Just 15 miles from Nice, this historic hilltop village is a popular spot for artists, with some exceptional restaurants and galleries.

9. Russian Orthodox Cathedral: This grandiose building located in Nice has been impressively adorned with a stunning Byzantine-style facade and golden domes.

10. Beach: Both Nice and Menton are known for their stunning beaches, so take the opportunity to relax on the many stretches of golden sand the Riviera has to offer.

How to Get from Nice Airport to Menton


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