How to Get from Chania Airport to City Center

How to Get from Chania Airport to City Center

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Getting from Chania Airport to Chania City

If you’re heading to Chania and want to get from the airport to the city center with ease, you’re in luck! At AtoB Transfer, we’ve got the inside scoop on the best ways to make the journey, whether you prefer to take public transport, or spoil yourself with a private transfer. From its stunning coastal views to delicious local cuisine, there’s so much to discover in this charming Cretan city, and we’re here to make sure you arrive in style. So grab your luggage, put on your sunglasses, and let’s get this show on the road!

Best Way to Get to Chania Airport from Chania

Chania is a place that has something for everyone. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, a beach lover, or just someone who appreciates natural beauty, this city is sure to satisfy your needs. From its charming old town, with winding streets and Venetian architecture to die for, to the waterfront promenade lined with restaurants and cafes, there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

Let’s not forget the stunning beaches, of course – whether you want to relax on a secluded cove or try your hand at windsurfing on a lively stretch of sand, Chania has you covered. But what really sets this city apart is the warmth and hospitality of its people. Whether you’re chatting with a local shopkeeper or enjoying a meal at a family-run taverna, you’ll feel like you’re among friends. But, what about transport?

Well, when it comes to travel in Chania, you really only have 3 main options: a bus ride, car rental, or a private transfer with AtoB. Depending on the purpose of your trip, as well as how you like to travel, you can choose accordingly. It is important to note also that your time of arrival will determine which transportation methods are available to you, as buses run from 6am to 10:30pm.

Can I Get a Chania City to Chania Airport Train?

No. There is currently no railroad in Crete, nor a Metro. This results in your only option for public transport being the bus, which shall be covered below.

Travel Tip: Take the bus or private transfer.

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Is there a Chania Airport to City Center by Bus?

The bus trip from the airport to the city center is a cheap and easy way to get to your accommodation after a long flight. Although it may be less comfortable than a car, it will serve to get you around for just €2.30 for a one-way trip. After arriving at the airport, exit the terminal and you will find the bus stop. 
Board the KTEL bus labeled as “Chania-Airport”, which departs 10 times daily, starting at 6am and ending at 10:30pm. There is around 45-60 minutes between each bus departure. Tickets can either be bought from the kiosks at the station, or online through the official KTEL website.

Travel Tip: The bus will arrive in the city center, allowing you to easily get to your accommodation or catch an additional bus.

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Distance from Chania Airport to City Center

The airport is close to the city, located on a peninsula to the north-east, 12 kilometers away. By road the distance is slightly longer, at 13-14 kilometers, depending on which route is taken.

Various Transportation Options from Chania Airport to Chania City

As has been already stated, your public transportation options are relatively limited to get between these two locations. You basically have 3 choices in total: a bus ride, a taxi cab, or a private transfer with AtoB. Deciding which option you will go with, depends heavily upon your travel needs (i.e., how many passengers you are traveling with), as well as the style of travel you prefer.

Cheapest Way from Chania to Chania Airport

As is common in most countries and cities, public transport is the most affordable option for getting from the airport. With a one-way ticket of just €2.30, the airport bus in Chania is one of the most affordable in Greece, as airport shuttles commonly charge more than standard buses. It is important to point out, though, that although cheap, it may not be the best way of getting to the city center. When traveling, it is important to account for a number of things, such as the luggage you are traveling with, who you are with, and more.

Chania to Chania Airport Taxi Cost

The standard taxi service in Chania works with a tariff system, meaning it will charge an initial fee, supplemented by additional charges either per kilometer or per minute. If the roads between the city and airport are congested, this can lead to a much more expensive taxi ride.

Booking a Private Transfer from Chania to Chania Airport

If you want to get a fixed rate, which will not change even if there is an exorbitant amount of traffic, then booking a private transfer with AtoB is your only option. Our prices are always competitive, and include all charges. This means you will only make a one-off payment when booking online, and nothing else. This ensures that you can relax after your long trip, and not worry about extra charges.

Head over to our booking platform to organize your trip. Just input your arrival date and pickup/drop-off locations (in this case Chania Airport and the city center), and proceed to the next page. Here you will be provided with an impressive list of all our available vehicles for your desired trip.

Once more, you can select based upon your own preferences and needs. After that is the fun part. We offer a range of extra add-ons, which allow you to customize your trip exactly to your preferences. You can choose to include child seats, additional stops, request your driver speak a specific language, or even play a Spotify playlist! You travel your way with AtoB, every time.

How to Get from Chania Airport to City Center


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