How to get from Corfu Airport to Kavos

How to get from Corfu Airport to Kavos

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Getting from Corfu to Kavos

Organising your next trip to the Greek island of Corfu? If you’ve booked your accommodation in the beautiful town of Kavos, you’re going to need to make sure you can get there efficiently. Fortunately for you, with our new how-to guide, you leave worry about transportation to everyone else! 
We are going to discuss all possible ways of getting to the seaside resort, be this either bus, car rental, taxi, or a private transfer with AtoB, of course. The best part with the latter, is our ability to provide you a personalised transfer experience, from door to door.

Best Way to Get from Kavos to Corfu Airport

The best way to get to your seaside accommodation in Kavos will depend on a number of factors, such as the number of passengers you are travelling with, how much time you have available, and how you like to travel. Solo travellers will likely benefit from taking public transport, as it is an affordable option, although uncomfortable.

In contrast, families and larger groups will make the most of booking a private transfer, as this will not only be a comfortable ride that can get them to Kavos on time; it is also very affordable for larger groups, who can split the cost between themselves, and end up paying a similar price with public transport. The choice is up to you.

Is there a Corfu Airport to Kavos Train?

No. Currently there is no railroad on Corfu, neither a Metro or Tram system. This means that you will have to opt for another transportation method. If you prefer public transport, then the bus remains your only option; whereas if you prefer private transfer, then AtoB is your go-to provider.

Getting a Bus from Corfu Airport to Kavos

Taking the bus is by far the cheapest option, although you need to make sure you are boarding the correct one. Longer distance buses in Corfu are coloured Green, whereas the shorter distance ones are Blue. From the Airport, you will need to take the blue bus No.15 from the airport to the KTEL station from where the long distance bus begins its journey. The ticket for this journey will cost €1.10, and can be purchased from one of the ticket kiosks at the airport bus stop. 
When you arrive at the KTEL depot, find the Green bus to Kavos. The bus runs at different times on weekdays and weekends, so make sure to check the schedule beforehand. On Sundays the bus only runs twice a day. The price is €4.40 for a one-way ticket, with a travel time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. There are a number of stops along the way, so depending on where you are staying you may benefit from these additional stops. The route will take you along the coastal road, and promises amazing views all the way.

Distance from Corfu Airport to Kavos

Kavos is a coastal town located on the southern tip of Corfu. It is 35 to 40 kilometres away from Kerkyra/Corfu.

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Various Transportation Options from Kavos to Corfu Airport

As has been expressed, in terms of public transport you are quite limited in your available options. When it comes to private transport, this isn’t the case. You can decide whether renting a car, hailing a standard taxi cab, or booking a private transfer with us is the most suitable option for you. 

For rental cars, you may feel you have some freedom when booking, as well as an affordable price, but in reality they tend to come lumped with large deposits, which can leave you a little tight before even starting your trip. Taxis on the other hand, can be a decent option, although, when you consider their tariff system, their prices can oftentimes expand dramatically if you get stuck in traffic. Finally, for private transfers there are a number of providers. What makes AtoB stand out from the crowd, is our ability to provide you with a customisable ride.

Cheapest Transport from Corfu Airport to Kavos

Your cheapest option to get to Kavos from Corfu is the bus. With a ticket price of just €5.50, you can travel the 40 kilometre distance for a cheap price. Now, if you are someone who appreciates a little luxury, comfort, or just their own privacy, you will much rather book a car. As was elaborated on above, the car to book is a chauffeur-driven AtoB transfer car, as this will provide you with untold comfort, and an unforgettable ride – guaranteed to start your trip off perfectly.

Booking Transfers from Corfu Airport to Kavos

First things first, head to our booking page. Here you will need to simply input when and where you are arriving (in this case it would be Corfu Airport), and where you need to go (so, Kavos). Please note, we provide a door to door service, meaning you can input the exact address of your accommodation and your driver will take you there. Click to proceed to the next step, where you will be presented with an exhaustive list of all available vehicles for your desired trip. Depending on the factors that have already been discussed, you can select the most appropriate vehicle for you.

Following this, is your chance to personalise your ride! Add as many or as few add-ons as you wish, this will make the ride exactly as you like it. Your driver will make sure to have any additional seating appropriately installed prior to picking you up. Now, you can proceed to checkout using our secure payment system.

We accept cards and ApplePay, meaning you don’t have to worry about cash payments on the day. Following payment you will receive an email instantly confirming payment, followed by an additional email as your date of arrival approaches providing you with your driver’s information.

You’re good to go! Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, and Bon Voyage!

How to get from Corfu Airport to Kavos


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