How to get from Heraklion Airport to City Center

How to get from Heraklion Airport to City Center

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Getting from Heraklion Airport to Heraklion City

Welcome to Heraklion, the bustling capital city of Crete, where ancient history and vibrant culture come together to provide the perfect destination for your next Greek holiday! Before you can get to exploring, though, you are going to need to determine how to get to your accommodation.

Well, fear not, fellow travelers, for AtoB Transfer is here once again to guide you through all the transportation options present in Heraklion. Whether you’re a budget-conscious backpacker, a first-time tourist, or a luxurious jet-setter, we’ve got you covered. From buses to taxis, rental cars to private transfers, we’re going to be talking about them all!

Best Way to Get from Heraklion Airport to the City Center

Getting to the center of Heraklion doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. Proper preparation will ensure that your travel needs are all met prior to take off. The method that you end up choosing to use is determined by your individual travel needs and preferences. For example, if time is of the essence, then taking a taxi or booking your AtoB Transfer may be the quickest and most efficient option in Greece.

However, if you don’t mind being a little uncomfortable, and want to ensure that you get the cheapest option, then public transportation may be more up your alley. The best piece of advice we can possibly provide you is: Organize your trip itinerary beforehand, and you won’t have to stress at the last minute. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Is there a Heraklion Airport to Heraklion City Center Train?

Bad news for the train fans – there isn’t a railway on Crete. Don’t worry though, you can still take public transport by using the bus route. Not only does this get you from the airport, you can also use it to get around the island. It can be a little overcrowded, though!

Travel Tip: Take the bus.

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Can I Take a Bus from Heraklion Airport to Heraklion City?

Indeed you can. Luckily the bus system in Crete is efficient and can get you from the airport in around 15 to 20 minutes. From arrivals, you will need to head to the bus terminal, where you can jump on either bus number 6, 12 or 5; all of which will get you to the center of town. All buses begin their routes at around 5 to 6am, and end the day between 10pm and 12am. The bus with the most frequent departures is the 12 line. 
Tickets will cost a little over €1 for a one-way trip, with a full-day ticket costing just €5, making it a very affordable option for getting around the town. Tickets can be bought from a ticket kiosk at the airport, which accepts both cash and card.

Travel Tip: There are two bus zones in Heraklion. Make sure you purchase a ticket for the correct one when traveling around town.

Distance from Heraklion to the Airport

The distance between the two is relatively minor at just a little under 3 kilometers. The distance is roughly the same by road.

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Various Transportation Options Heraklion Airport to City Center

Getting from the airport, as well as around the city is a piece of cake in Heraklion. You can choose between a modest selection of transport to get you where you need to go. The bus route, as was discussed above, is an efficient and affordable way to get around, although it can be tiresome and overcrowded at times.

Aside from public transport, you can opt to rent a car, as there are many rental agencies present at the airport. Car rental can most times be the most expensive option for transportation, with companies providing low prices, but exorbitant deposits. Due to this, we recommend booking a private transfer with us, and with our crew of professional drivers, you will be taken care of throughout the journey. Plus, with our hourly service, you can book a ride around town with your own chauffeur! Awesome, right?

Cheapest Way to Get from Heraklion Airport to Heraklion City

Although we too can appreciate a bargain every now and then, sometimes prioritizing comfort can lead to a much better start to your trip. Although the bus ride is only €1, if you are traveling with children, or have mobility issues, it’s bound to be an unpleasant ride. In these cases, we definitely recommend booking a quality ride. With us, you can get a chauffeur-driven ride to your accommodation for a very affordable price. So, although we may not be the cheapest, we are definitely the best when it comes to quality for money.

How much does a Taxi from Heraklion Airport to Heraklion City Cost?

Standard taxi services work with a tariff system. This means they charge an initial price as soon as you get in, which is supplemented further every kilometer traveled. In circumstances where there is traffic, you may end up paying much more for the taxi.

Booking a Heraklion Airport to City Center Private Transfer

As we said above, taking your comfort and safety into consideration is what we do best. We offer the perfect ride for every traveler, from the budget-conscious to the jet-setter. Our easy-to-use booking platform will make organizing your trip a walk in the park. Head over to our booking page, and we’ll walk you through the process.

Input your arrival date, pickup point (so, Heraklion Airport in this instance) and drop-off (this could be anywhere on the island, as we offer a door-to-door service). Proceed to the next step, where you will be presented with a comprehensive list of all available vehicles for your desired trip.

Depending on your travel needs and preferences, you can choose the most appropriate for you. Following this, you get to the fun part – we offer a ton of additional extras! That’s right, you can personalize your ride to exactly how you want it, this could be with the inclusion of child seats, additional stops, or much more. When traveling with us, you travel your way.

Next, proceed to check-out and receive your one-off, all-inclusive price, which can be paid for by either card or ApplePay. That’s it, you’re done! Bon voyage, and see you soon!

How to get from Heraklion Airport to City Center


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