How to Get from Milan Airport to City of Milan

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Getting from Milan Airport to City Centre

Milan is famous all over of the world for a number of reasons. One of the most prominent is probably fashion. With countless fashion houses having set up shop in Milan over the years, and the wealthy flocking to the city to watch Milan Fashion week, it is no wonder.

Perhaps you are visiting for a similar purpose, or just want to experience this wonderful city for yourself up close. Likely, you will be arriving at Linate airport, the closest airport to Milan city centre. Fortunately, AtoB has your transportation covered with this guide! Read on to see how you can get to the city centre:

How to Get from Milan Airport to City of Milan

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Best Way to Get from Milan Airport to City Centre

We understand that everyone has different travel preferences, and has the prerogative to choose that which works best for them – no worries! Ultimately, it is hard to determine the objectively “best” method to go from Milan Airport to the city centre, but this article is going to try to help you decide which alternative works best for you.

This guide offers it all, whether you’re a budget traveller or someone who likes luxury. We’ll look at everything from buses to taxis to private transfers (with AtoB, of course), so prepare to make your next trip to Milan as simple and fun as possible!

Is there a Milan Airport to City Train?

There is not a train, but there is a metro line currently under construction. The line will connect the airport to a number of useful stops, meaning one will be able to get to the city centre with just two metro rides – let’s hope it is done soon!

Travel Tip: As soon as the metro line is completed, this page will be updated. Check back then! For now, take the bus.

Getting a Bus from Milan Airport to City Centre

Taking a bus to the central station is possible, and an affordable and relatively quick way to travel. Tickets will cost €2.20, and can be purchased from kiosks at the bus stop.

You will need to board the number 73 bus towards Duomo, and alight after 10 stops (roughly 15 minutes) at the Emilia stop. From there, briskly walk to your next bus, the number 92 bus towards Durando, this time also getting off after 10 stops (around 10 minutes). The main bus stop is called Luigi di Savoia and is within walking distance of central Milan.

Taking the bus is incredibly easy, although it can get quite busy – especially during the summer months and during holidays. In order to ensure you catch the correct bus and make the right stop, head over to the official website of transportation in Milan to see a complete schedule.

How to Get from Milan Airport to City of Milan

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Travel Tip: Make sure to stamp your ticket in the allocated machines. Failure to do so can result in a substantial fine.

Distance from Linate Airport to Milan City Centre

The nearest airport to Milan City Centre is Linate, which is 6.8 kilometres away, as the crow flies. By car, the airport is 9.3 kilometres.

Various Transportation Options from Milan Airport to City Centre

If you want to utilise public transit, your options are relatively restricted because the bus is your sole alternative. There are several possibilities for private transportation. You might try hailing a taxi cab from the roadside, but this may result in an exorbitant cab fee, since drivers sometimes overcharge for a long trip. You might also try to make the trip yourself using a rented car.

There are several companies in Milan, but the issue is the large insurance deposit you will almost certainly have to pay before you can hire a car.As a result, you may be out of pocket before your trip even begins. Another concern with automobile rental is that, because you’re in a foreign country, navigating the roads and remaining safe with Italian’s often unpredictable driving behaviour can be stressful.

In order to avoid all of this, do yourself the favour and book a quality transfer with AtoB now; getting you to Milan in record time, for a great price!

Cheapest Way from Linate Airport to Milan City Centre

The bus is your cheapest option. You can get to the city centre for a few euros. But, this issue which arises with taking the bus, is that it can be incredibly uncomfortable and oftentimes also unreliable. If you are travelling with young children or elderly parents, then taking the bus will be an utter nightmare. You may think of just hailing a taxi from the airport, but you will usually have to wait in long taxi-lines, and may end up waiting for a long while before getting one; then the issue arises of how much does it cost?

How much is Taxi Transport from Milan Airport to City Centre

If you choose to hail a standard cab at the airport, you can end up paying anywhere from €60 to €170, depending on traffic conditions and other factors. To ensure you know exactly how much you are paying beforehand, book your transfer with AtoB. We offer a fixed price of €72.00 from the airport to Milan.

Booking Transport from Milan Airport to City Centre with AtoB

Booking a cab from Milan airport to the city centre with AtoB is simple and quick. To begin, go to our booking portal and begin the procedure. You will then be asked to choose your destination and provide your trip information, such as pick-up date, departure time, and pick-up and drop-off sites. The next step is to decide whether you want an economy, business, or luxury first-class car.

For bigger groups, a variety of vehicle choices are available. When you’ve finished these steps, make sure to include as many add-ons as you need before heading to the checkout page, where you may pay securely with a credit or debit card. After your money is successfully processed, you will receive an email with the booking details and a reference number. All you have to do is arrive on time and you will be met by a courteous driver who will securely transport you to your destination. Simple, right? See you soon!

How to Get from Milan Airport to City of Milan