How to Get from Naples Airport to City Centre

How to Get from Naples Airport to City Centre

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Getting from Naples Airport to City Centre

Naples is a beautiful city in the south of Italy, with a long history spanning back many centuries. If you are arriving at the airport here, you will need to know how to get from there to your accommodation easily and efficiently. 
Lucky for you, AtoB knows all the info on transportation in the area and wants to share it with you! In the following guide, we shall discuss all possible transportation methods, both public and private, to ensure you can easily get around, like a local.

How to Get from Naples Airport to City Centre

Best Way to Travel from Naples Airport to City Centre

The best way? An AtoB Transfer, of course! Well, that would be a very short article, if we ended with that. No. Rather we are going to talk about all the methods, and from there you can make up your own mind, depending on your budget and travel needs.

As the airport is relatively close to the centre of the city, it doesn’t take too long to get between them, regardless of your transportation choice. If you are travelling with children, or lots of other luggage, then taking public transport really is not going to be the best option. Before we get into transportation, let’s talk a little bit about Naples.

Naples is an excellent destination to visit in Italy, with endless lovely sunny beaches, a diverse history and culture, and incredible piazzas and cafes. From distant Mount Vesuvius views to the lively streets of the old city, you will witness living history in action. Spend a day exploring the ever-changing environment with its vivid history and fascinating architecture at Castel Nuovo.

Piazza Mercato’s superb street cuisine ranges from pizza to fried rice balls. While sipping a cool drink, take in the breathtaking views of the Bay from the Gulf of Naples. Now – on to transportation!

Is there a Naples Airport to City Centre Train?

As the airport is relatively close, there is no train line connecting the two locations. Although the city has a rail station, the airport has yet to introduce one.

If you don’t mind a little walk, you can get to the closest tram station a kilometre away, then take this to reach the city centre. The name of the closest station is Nuova Poggioreale, and this offers a direct tram line to your destination. The tram runs every 20 minutes, making it difficult to miss and only costs only a few euros. Tickets can be bought directly from the station.

How to Catch a Naples Airport to City Centre Bus

The bus is a simple option, and you can get a one-way transfer from the airport to your accommodation in the city for just €5.00.

The bus to catch is the ‘alibus’ towards the city centre. These are the rapid connection lines which run convenient routes every 10 minutes throughout the day. You can choose to alight at the central train station in the city, or continue riding the bus down to the coastal promenade. 
You can purchase your bus tickets online, through the official portal for the ‘alibus’.

Travel Tip: The bus is non-stop from the airport to central station, then continues on until reaching the Pisacane Wharf Port.

How to Get from Naples Airport to City Centre

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How Far is Naples Airport to City Centre

Just over 4 kilometres, as the crow flies. The airport is within the city itself and thus getting to it is never a hassle.

Various Transport Options from Naples Airport to City Centre

As previously said, using the bus is a popular mode of public transit because it is both inexpensive and convenient. The trip takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and the buses are usually clean and comfortable.

You can, however, rent a car or use a cab if you want a more private choice. You may tour the island at your own leisure if you rent a car, and there are various car rental firms near the airport. Taxis, on the other hand, are more expensive, but they provide a more handy alternative.

Lastly, arranging an AtoB transfer is the way to go if you want a stress-free and hassle-free experience. With AtoB, you’ll get a comfortable and dependable trip with a professional driver who will meet you at your front door and take you to your Naples destination in style. Whichever mode of transportation you pick, you’ll have a fantastic time exploring this gorgeous Italian city.

Travel from Naples Airport to City Centre Cheaply

The bus is the cheapest way to get between the two destinations, costing only a few euros. Yet, riding public transportation can be uncomfortable because you will be sharing the journey with a big number of other passengers. Depending on your travel needs, this can either be tolerable, or a complete nightmare. If the latter rings true, booking a private transfer is your only option if you value your privacy and want to experience extra comfort.

How much is a Taxi from Naples Airport to City Centre

When hailing a taxi at the airport, you can never be 100% certain you are getting a deal. Taxi drivers calculate their cost with a tariff metre, which counts distance travelled as well as duration of the trip. If there is any traffic, you can oftentimes end up overpaying for a taxi. With AtoB, this isn’t the case. We offer only a fixed rate, which is not affected by congestion or any other road issues.

Booking a Transfer: Naples Airport to City Centre with AtoB

Arranging an airport transfer with AtoB’s straightforward booking tool couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is choose your departure or arrival city and enter your trip information. After that, you can customise your ride by adding child seats, additional rides, or an optional meet and greet service.

ur booking tool will also show you the projected fare as well as a description of your chosen car and driver. In your taxi of choice, you can expect a timely, safe, and enjoyable ride. Furthermore, our fares are quite competitive, so you can be confident that you are receiving the most value for money. So arrange your transfer to Naples with AtoB for stress-free, comfortable travel.

How to Get from Naples Airport to City Centre


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