How to Get from Olbia to Porto Cervo

How to Get from Olbia to Porto Cervo

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Getting from Olbia Airport to Porto Cervo

In the north of Sardinia, or are travelling there soon, and wondering how on earth public transport, or transport in general works there? Well, fortunately AtoB has the inside scoop. 
We have put together another informative guide on how you can get around in Olbia and Porto Cervo, or more specifically how to get from one to the other in a variety of ways. When visiting you will be able to choose from public or private transport, or even combine the two, it’s your choice. Read on to find out more info!

How to Get from Olbia to Porto Cervo

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How to Get from Olbia to Porto Cervo

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Best Way to Get from Porto Cervo to Olbia Airport

It has become almost tradition around here to start an article with “the best way” only to quickly explain what we consider to be the best way. So, in order to not ruin tradition, let’s do that once more.

The best for you, could be awful for someone else, or even the opposite. Perhaps you are just doing a bit of exploring in Sardinia all by yourself; booking an 8-person van, wouldn’t really be advised (you still could, though). In that instance, taking public transport would be your go-to option, as not only is it inexpensive, it is also a great opportunity to travel with locals and see a different side of life in Sardinia.

On the other hand, you may be travelling with your partner for a much-awaited getaway. The last thing you want in that instance is to take a long, sweaty bus ride. If this sounds like you, we would recommend you book a private transfer with us, and get chauffeur-driven to your destination in one of our many luxury vehicles.

Perhaps you haven’t made your mind up yet. Read the rest of the article and we are quite sure you will have made the best decision for you.

Is there a Porto Cervo to Olbia Train?

Although train travel is quite popular on the island of Sardinia, there has yet to introduce a route between Porto Cervo and Olbia. This is likely due to Porto Cervo’s relatively remote location. Fear not though, you can still take the bus in Italy!

Getting a Bus from Olbia Airport to Porto Cervo

The bus is an easy and affordable way to get from one destination to the other, although the trip is quite long. Regardless of the route you take, the trip, which is only 30 minutes by car, becomes a little over 2 hours.

From the airport, catch the 02 bus and disembark at the Moro Ospedale bus stop. From there, you will need to catch a follow-up bus, to take you to Arzachena. The bus you will need to take is the Linea 601 bus, for a journey that will take 42 minutes and has 23 stops.

After arriving in Arzachena, you will need to board your final bus to Porto Cervo, namely the Linea 604. This trip will take 40 minutes and has 23 stops. In total, you will have to buy 3 separate tickets, each costing €2.50. The bus will leave you at the main bus stop, from where you can choose to catch an additional one to reach you hotel, or book a transfer in advance!

How to Get from Olbia to Porto Cervo

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Travel Tip: Check the full itinerary of all bus journeys in Sardinia on the official website!

Distance from Porto Cervo to Olbia Airport

The coastal town is located 25 kilometres away from Olbia Airport as the crow flies and 30 kilometres by road.

Various Transportation Options from Olbia to Porto Cervo

Now that we have explored all of the public possibilities, let’s talk about the private ones. For the purpose of simplicity, we’ll assume there are three primary private possibilities, though you can probably find many more if you look. Taxis, auto rentals, and private transports with AtoB are the three. In a few short paragraphs, we shall go over your options.

Taxis are a typical means of transportation for tourists who want private transportation but haven’t yet learned about AtoB. The problem with taxis in Sardinia, as well as numerous other places, is that drivers often overcharge for a straightforward ride. You can be charged a colossal amount for travel between two cities — that doesn’t sound like fun!

Car rentals next. You may hire a car from any number of businesses, some of which are international ones that you probably already know from your own country. Nonetheless, you could be persuaded to hire a car through one of the many internet services that advertise exceptionally inexpensive daily rates.

The substantial insurance deposit you will need to pay won’t be disclosed to you until you are actually at the booking stage. Car rental may not be the greatest option for you if you’re not in the mood to give the corporation a few hundred euros “just in case”. Not to mention how annoying it can be to drive on unfamiliar roads!

Lastly, for those who like to travel in elegance, we provide our AtoB chauffeur-driven service from Olbia Airport to Porto Cervo. That’s correct, we provide door-to-door service, so we can take you anywhere in the region, even remote locations. Do you wish to be dropped off at Golfo Pevero or Capriccioli? Don’t worry, your driver will take you right there! That’s not all though; we also provide competitive rates on a variety of cars, all of which may be tailored to your specific travel needs.

Cheapest Way from Porto Cervo to Olbia Airport

There are several methods to get from Olbia to Porto Cervo, with public transportation being the least expensive. The cheapest way to travel to and from the airport is by bus, but long wait periods, crowded buses, and little room for luggage can make it difficult. Individuals that place a high importance on comfort and privacy might choose to use a private transfer service like AtoB.

Travelers who wish to arrive on time and without worry can book this service to arrange a dependable and comfortable transfer to the airport, which even includes an optional meet & greet service at the airport terminal. An AtoB private transfer is the best option for tourists who want to make the most of their trip because they have more time to shop duty-free at the airport and can even be dropped off at their terminal door.

Taxi from Olbia Airport to Porto Cervo Cost

If you opt for a standard taxi cab, you can pay anywhere from €70 to €150, depending on traffic and whether it is daytime or nighttime you pick the cab up. With AtoB, we offer a fixed rate of €120 for an economy sedan, all-inclusive, meaning there are no hidden costs and you will never be asked to pay extra.

Booking Transfers from Olbia Airport to Porto Cervo

Visit our user-friendly booking platform and choose your travel date, time, and destination if you want to reserve an Olbia Airport taxi to Porto Cervo with AtoB Transfer. Before choosing a payment method, you will next need to input your information, including name, contact information, and email address.

You’ll get a confirmation email after choosing the car type and the number of passengers and proceeding to payment. You will be assigned a driver as the day of pick-up approaches, who will then message you to confirm the time and place of the pick-up. Next, you must adhere to the directions given either by the driver or through the confirmation email to locate your taxi driver at Olbia Airport. That is pretty much it! AtoB guarantees smooth transfers, so you are in for a treat! Happy Travels!

How to Get from Olbia to Porto Cervo


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