How to Get from Florence to Cinque Terre

How to Get from Florence to Cinque Terre

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Getting from Florence Airport to Cinque Terre

Welcome to the villages of Cinque Terre (CT), another captivating coastal gem in Italy that has captured the hearts of travellers worldwide for centuries. If you’re currently in the process of organising your trip from the romantic city of Florence to this rugged, yet picturesque destination, you’re in for a treat. 
However, with the scenic Ligurian coastline and the Mediterranean hillsides of this beautiful collection of villages, navigating the journey requires careful consideration of transportation options. 
But worry not, AtoB Traveller! We’ve put together another one of our helpful guides on the best way(s) to travel from Florence to Cinque Terre, so you can be sure to make the most of your trip without any hiccups. Now, fasten your (hypothetical) seat belt, and let’s embark on this unforgettable journey together, exploring the transportation methods that will take you to the pristine beauty of CT!

How to Get from Florence to Cinque Terre

Best Way to Get from Cinque Terre to Florence

As is usually the case, we are never able to definitely claim which transportation method is the “best”, as this can vary depending on each traveller’s preferences. From trains that whisk you through the stunning Tuscan countryside to windy mountain roads that reward you with breathtaking vistas, there are plenty of ways to get to your destination.

Whether you prefer to stay on the cheaper side of things and take public transport, or ensure a comfortable and timely transfer with AtoB, we hope this guide will provide you with all the info you need to make an informed decision. Now, before we proceed to talking about transportation, let’s have a look at this little village collection.

Part of the Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre is a cluster of five colourful villages that one might believe had been painted onto the landscape with an artist’s brush. With their charming pastel-coloured houses clinging to the cliffs, narrow winding streets that lead to hidden coves and terraced vineyards that produce exquisite wines, Cinque Terre is a postcard-perfect destination that will leave you swooning.

Each of the villages, namely Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, boasts its own unique character and quirks, from the fresh seafood delicacies in Monterosso to the scenic hiking trails in Manarola. If you are planning this year’s vacation here, you are definitely in for a treat!

Is there a Train from Florence to Cinque Terre?

There is a train from Florence, although not directly from the airport. You will first need to take a quick tram ride to the main station, before boarding your first train, which will take you to Pisa, followed by a second to Levanto, which is around 1.1km away from Cinque Terre. Now, let’s look at that in more detail.

From the airport, catch tram line T2, which will take you to the Firenze Santa Maria Novella station in around 19 minutes. Tram rides only cost €1.50 and tickets can be bought from the automated ticket machines at the station, or online.

After you reach the central station, you will need to check the departure board to locate the correct train. Your first trip will be to Pisa, where you will catch a connecting train to the nearest village of Cinque Terre. The ticket will cost €8.90, and should get you there in an hour.

The penultimate step to the journey is to board a train to Levanto, which is usually an IC train directed towards Milan. The cost of this ticket is slightly more dear at €9.90. The duration of the trip is 1 hour 49 minutes and will take you along the Italian coast.

After visiting Levanto, depending on which of the 5 villages you are staying in, you can organise a quick taxi ride from there.

Travel Tip: For more information on train times, check out the official Italian rail website, where you can plan your whole trip.

How to Get from Florence to Cinque Terre

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How to Get from Florence to Cinque Terre by Bus

There is no direct bus route from Florence to Cinque Terre, thus combining a couple of bus rides with a train route is the only way. It is incredibly complex and will require you to take multiple different rides, thus we shall omit it from this guide, and recommend you take either the train ride detailed above, or save yourself all the hassle and book a private transfer with AtoB, directly to the front door of your accommodation. In the closing section, we will explain exactly how you can do just that.

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Distance from Florence Airport to Cinque Terre

133 kilometres as the crow flies, and 167 kilometres by road. In total, you can expect to be travelling for at least a couple of hours.

Various Transportation Options from Florence to Cinque Terre

When it comes to travelling from Florence to Cinque Terre, there are several transportation options to choose from. Public transportation, including trains or buses, can be convenient in terms of schedules and routes.

Taxis or car rentals offer flexibility in stops and timing, while private transfers with AtoB provide a hassle-free and comfortable experience with professional drivers who know the routes. In the following paragraph, we will delve into these transportation options in more detail, helping travellers make an informed decision for their journey.

Cheapest Way from Florence Airport to Cinque Terre

As is usually the case, public transport is the cheapest option for getting to this coastal region. Although it may be slightly inconvenient, it will only cost you around €25-30 in total, and around 3 hours of your time.

Public transport is not the best option for everyone though, thus in the following we shall discuss your remaining options for reaching Cinque Terre in detail, in hopes that you will be able to find the best one for you.

The two other options available to you in terms of private transportation, aside from a transfer with AtoB, are taxi rides and car rental. Taxis, although can be convenient, due to being able to hail one last-minute, can oftentimes be expensive, especially for larger journeys such as this. The price will also increase if you happen to run into traffic, and driver’s may charge you for road tolls and taxes.

Now, with car rentals, you are provided with the extra freedom of having your own car – sounds great, right? Well, yes, mostly it is. The downsides to car rentals are firstly the insurance waiver you will need to pay, which will most times be quite costly, leaving you out of pocket before your trip even starts. Secondly, navigating foreign roads can be quite stressful for a lot of drivers and although GPS is in every car nowadays, getting lost is still a possibility.

To leave all the stresses of transportation behind, you are left with one choice – booking a private transfer with AtoB. Our affordable, personalised rides offer you the ultimate option for ground transportation. You can sit back and relax while your driver whisks you away to your accommodation. 

Taxi from Florence to Vernazza

Vehicle Class Passengers Luggage Price
Economy 3 3 €474.00
Business 3 2 €574.00
First Class 3 2 €1400.00
Economy Van 7 6 €760.00
Business Van 7 6 €1300.00
Economy Van+ 8 8 €770.00

Booking a Taxi from Florence to Cinque Terre

Booking a transfer from Florence Airport to Cinque Terre with AtoB’s easy-to-use booking platform is simple. Firstly, enter the pickup and dropoff locations, keeping in mind that you can use exact addresses when booking with us. Then select the date and time of the desired transfer. Next, choose the vehicle type that suits your needs and the number of passengers that will be travelling.

Alongside the vehicle options for this transfer you will be able to see the cost of each. From here, proceed to enter your details and contact information. Lastly, complete the payment and the confirmation for the transfer will be sent to your email address. Additionally, passengers are invited to include optional add-ons to ensure they have the personalised transfer experience they deserve. This includes pet-friendly transfer, meet-and-greet services, and more.

How to Get from Florence to Cinque Terre


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