How to Get from Milan Airport to Lake Como

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Which Milan Airport is Closest to Lake Como

Travelling to Lake Como soon? Still looking for flights and wondering which airport is the most convenient to arrive at? Well, fortunately for you, AtoB has all the answers. In the following guide, we plan to give a detailed overview of transportation from all of the international airports that service Milan.

In short, these are the Bergamo, Malpensa and Linate Airports, with Malpensa being the nearest, at just 35 kilometres away, as the crow flies. In most cases, you can easily get from any of the airports by train, bus, taxi, or a quality transfer with AtoB. Based on the following information, you can make up your own mind, and travel your way in Italy.

How to Get from Milan Airport to Lake Como

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Best Way to Get from Milan Bergamo Airport to Lake Como

It is always difficult to state directly which transportation method is the “best”. As this article is being written by AtoB, it is only obvious that we would consider our service to be the best. That would lead to a very short article being written, which wouldn’t cover transportation more generally, just our service (we do have those too, check out our destination page)!

Rather, in this article we want to provide you with all the information you need to get from any of the three main airports in Milan to Lake Como, from where you can make up your own mind on which method is the best for your own personal travel preferences.

If you are travelling with a large group, or with young child, or even elderly parents, cramming them all into an overcrowded bus or train will likely lead to an unpleasant beginning to your trip. On the other hand, if you are a solo traveller, then taking public transport is both efficient as well as affordable.

So, first take that into consideration, then continue reading this informative guide to ensure you get the best transportation option for you. Enjoy!

How Can I Get a Milan Airport to Lake Como Train?

Just a heads up, this is going to be a long post, so jump around to each section to get to the info you are looking for quicker. We are going to take each airport at a time.

There is a train station in Malpensa Airport Terminal 1, but no direct train routes to Como. Fortunately though, there are connecting rides which can get you there in around 1.5 to 3 hours, stopping off either in Central Milan, or another village or town in the vicinity. The cost of tickets vary from €11 to €18 in total, with single tickets to each stop needing to be paid for separately. You can book all your tickets in advance through the Italian Rail website.

The quickest train route is the one through Saronno, usually with trains numbered in the 350’s and ‘60s. You will have to look at the departures board when arriving at the station and you can choose the best one from there. You should aim to catch a train to the Borghi station in Como, as this is closer to the Lake itself.

For this airport, things become a little more complicated, as you will need to first catch a bus to the central station in Milan. The bus to take is the Autostradale 144, which will take you directly to the central train station in 30 minutes.

rom there, you can choose to catch the EuroCity train, with tickets starting at €11.90 and a trip duration of 1 hour 27 minutes, or board one of the other regional trains for €5.00 and a shorter duration of 1 hour.

The airport doesn’t currently have a train station, meaning you will have to catch alternative transportation into the city of Bergamo, and from there catch the train to Como. By train, this is the longest route, as it will first take you through Milan, via the central station, then onto Como.

Tickets for the entire journey cost €17.70, and the duration of the trip will be over 2 hours in total.

Travel Tip: Carefully check the departures board at the train station to ensure you catch the quickest train. For more info on the exact trains, you can check out the official Italian rail website.

How to Get from Milan Airport to Lake ComoFot. Christopher Down / CC BY 4.0

Getting a Bus from Milan Linate Airport to Lake Como

Just like with the train, the bus is also a cost-effective option for getting from any of the airports to Como. The bus is slightly less convenient though, with routes and their durations being a bit longer.

Although the closest of the three airports to Como, getting there by bus seems to be the most complicated. There is no direct bus route between the two, meaning you will have to combine a bus/shuttle ride with a train ride.

From the airport, catch the Orioshuttle bus, Malpensa Shuttle (APT4) or Autostradale 143 to Milan Central station. From there, you can board the RE80 train, which passes through Como. In total, you can expect to pay €15 for the entire journey, which tickets needing to be bought separately for each leg of the journey, as they come from different providers.

You will need to combine an initial bus ride with a followup train ride to get to Como from Linate, if you wish to travel by bus at least once. Obviously it is inconvenient, but we shall cover it nonetheless.

From the airport, you can catch either the Autostradale 144 to the central station, or the 73 bus followed by the 60 bus. Tickets will cost around €3.00. After reaching the central station, catch the RE80 Bus, which passes through Como. The ticket for this ride will be around €10.00 and can be bought directly online.

Here too, you also can’t take a direct bus to Como from Bergamo, rather, you will have to combine a bus and train route for the most efficient journey.

Starting from the airport, take the direct shuttle from the airport to Milan central station. These shuttles are provided by a number of companies, all of whom can be found easily with a Google search. From there, you can catch the RE80 train, which passes through Como.

The cost of the first bus ticket and subsequent train ticket should come out to around €15 to €20, depending on when you book them.

How to Get from Milan Airport to Lake ComoFot. Andrzej Otrębski / CC BY-SA 4.0

Distance from Milan Malpensa Airport to Lake Como

Distance from Malpensa: 34.8 kilometres away.
Distance from Linate: 41.6 kilometres away.
Distance from Bergamo: 49.9 kilometres away.

Various Airport Transfer Milan Malpensa to Lake Como Options

As has been indicated thus far, there are a plethora of different transportation methods available to you in terms of Public Transport. Trains, buses and shuttles run regular routes which eventually will get you to your destination, but, as has been seen, they definitely aren’t efficient. Even while writing this article we became confused with the route, meaning actually taking it could be even more confusing.

Do yourself, and your family, the favour by either renting a car or booking a private transfer with AtoB.

Car rental may seen an attractive option at first, but upon closer inspection it can oftentimes be a nightmare. Not only will you have to navigate complicated foreign highways and town roads, you will also have to pay a costly insurance waiver before even getting to car. Although this may not be an issue for some, others who are seeking a more cost-effective travel option, will be out of pocket before even starting their trip.

Thus, one option remains – an AtoB Transfer. Let’s talk about that!

Cheapest Airport Transfers Milan to Lake Como

Taking everything into consideration, your cheapest way to get to the lake will be by either taking a bus or train, but, as has been illustrated in the above sections, this is far from convenient. If decoding confusing departures boards, missing connections and being crammed into a moving metallic enclosure sounds like a good time to you, then all the power to you. If, though, getting comfortably whisked away to your lake holiday by a professional chauffeur sounds more up your alley, then booking a quality airport transfer with AtoB is your go-to option.

How much is a Taxi from Milan Airport to Lake Como

Vehicle Class Passengers Luggage Price (MXP) Price (MXP) Price (BGY)
Economy 3 3 €110.00 €128.00 €181.00
Business 3 3 €143.00 €211.00 €200.00
First Class 3 3 €233.00 €380.00 €327.00
Economy Van 7 6 €120.00 €247.00 €224.00
Business Van 7 6 €128.00 €258.00 €325.00
Economy Van+ 8 8 €126.00 €262.00 €300.00

Booking Milan Airport to Lake Como Transfers

To book your reliable airport transfer from Milan to Como with AtoB, simply head to our booking platform. From there, input the airport you are arriving at and your final destination (you can add the exact address, as we offer a door-to-door service). Following that, you will be presented with all the available vehicles for your ride, with their cost and luggage and passenger capacities.

Select the most appropriate vehicle for your travel needs, then proceed to personalise your ride with one of our many extra add-ons. We offer a wide range of options ranging from child seats to the language you would like your driver to speak.

Head down to the payment section and you are done! That’s all. You will receive two emails following your successful booking, one detailing the ride, followed by an addition one with your driver’s contact information. They will get in touch with you to organise the appropriate pickup location.

We would like to wish you happy travels and hope you have an enjoyable Italian vacation!

How to Get from Milan Airport to Lake Como