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Kuwait Airport Transfers from A to B and Beyond!

Kuwait, a small yet influential nation on the Arabian Peninsula, welcomes travellers to its modern cities and rich historical tapestry. Whether you're arriving at the sleek Kuwait International Airport or one of the smaller regional airports, navigating onward transportation can add a layer of uncertainty to your journey. That's where AtoB Transfer steps in. We specialise in reliable Kuwait airport transfers across the country, ensuring your trip begins and ends with convenience and peace of mind. Our service extends to Kuwait City, the nation's financial and commercial centre, as well as other key destinations.

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Booking your transfers with AtoB is simple. In just a few clicks, you ensure safe and reliable transportation, anywhere.

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From Economy to First-Class, Sedans, Vans and Shuttles - Check which vehicles we offer on each continent. With AtoB, you travel your way.

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Economy Class

Skoda Octavia or Similar

x 8
Economy Van

Mercedes Benz Vito class or Similar

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Business Class

Mercedes Benz E class or Similar

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Business Van

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Affordable Kuwait Airport Taxi

What sets us apart is not just our comprehensive coverage of Kuwait, but also our commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality. Our fixed-rate pricing model eliminates surprises and hidden fees – what you see is what you’ll pay, even if traffic jams or route changes occur. This transparency simplifies your travel budgeting.

Furthermore, our diverse Kuwait airport transfer fleet caters to every traveller, from solo adventurers seeking a compact ride to larger groups needing spacious transportation.  Each vehicle undergoes rigorous maintenance, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable journey. Pre-booking your transfer ensures your transportation is arranged well in advance, leaving you free to savour the dynamic energy of Kuwait.

In short, AtoB’s transfer service prioritises your comfort, budget, and peace of mind, making it the ideal choice for anyone exploring this fascinating Middle Eastern nation.

Cost of Kuwait Airport Transfers
City centre
18 kilometers 21 minutes
People Vehicle Class People People LuggageLuggage PricePrice
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy 4 3 €48.00
AtoB Airport TransfersBusiness Class 3 2 €115.00
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy Van 7 6 €73.00
AtoB Airport TransfersBusiness Van 7 6 €130.00
AtoB Airport TransfersEconomy Van+ 8 6 €80.00


AtoB Fleet for Taxis at Kuwait Airports

From sedans to vans and minivans, from economy to luxury, business and beyond. AtoB has the perfect vehicle for all your needs. Travel with AtoB, travel your way.

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What to Do in Kuwait?

Holiday Transfers in the Kuwait

Planning a family holiday in Kuwait? Let AtoB take the stress out of airport arrivals and departures. Our reliable Kuwait airport transfers are the perfect way to start and end your vacation on a hassle-free note. Say goodbye to navigating unfamiliar public transport or haggling with taxis  – our professional drivers will be waiting to whisk you directly to your hotel. With a range of vehicles to accommodate varying group sizes and luggage requirements, we ensure the whole family travels in comfort, leaving you free to focus on making memories in Kuwait.

Airport Transfers Kuwait

Looking for Some Local Events?

From the vibrant Hala February Festival, celebrating the nation’s liberation, to cultural events highlighting traditional music and arts, there’s always something to discover in Kuwait. Sports enthusiasts can catch thrilling motorsports competitions or international sporting tournaments.  Keep an eye out for smaller community gatherings and markets that offer a glimpse into authentic Kuwaiti life.

Airport Transfers Kuwait

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Try Delicious Kuwaiti Сuisine

Kuwaiti cuisine offers a delightful fusion of flavours from the Middle East and beyond. Expect aromatic rice dishes like Machboos, often served with tender lamb or chicken. Seafood lovers will relish fresh fish like Zubaidi (pomfret) and Hamour (grouper). Don’t miss out on savoury stews like Marag, or the satisfying sweetness of Luqaimat, a traditional dumpling dessert. With influences from Persia, India, and the Mediterranean, Kuwaiti cuisine promises a culinary adventure.

Airport Transfers Kuwait

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