How to Get from Stavanger Airport to City Centre

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Best Way to Get from Stavanger Airport to City

If you’re visiting the lovely city of Stavanger, you might be thinking what’s the best method to get from the airport to the city centre. The approximately 15-kilometre travel can be performed in a variety of methods, including trains, buses, taxis, auto rentals, and private transfers. Making a definitive “best” manner would be both futile and short-sighted, because each traveller will have their own unique travel style and demands.

Someone may be backpacking around Norway alone and thus won’t want to splash out and rent a car; someone else may be travelling with a large family group and require the luxury and efficiency of a private airport transfer. In this post, we will examine each approach, thereby assisting you in making an informed decision. Enjoy!

How to Get from Stavanger Airport to City Centre

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Is There a Train from Stavanger Airport to City Centre?

There is not currently a train or tram that connects the airport in Stavanger with its city centre. Due to this unfortunate shortcoming, one will have to rely on other transportation methods in order to reach their final destination in the city.

Getting a Bus from Stavanger Airport to City Centre

As said, the bus is your only public transportation option. Fortunately it is relatively easy, with no connections needed to be made. In total it will take around 30 minutes to reach the city, with 29 stops along the way. A ticket costs around 5 euros and can be purchased at the station.

To catch your bus, head outside to the bus stop at the airport. Locate the FB40, which goes to Stavanger and get on board. Find a seat and enjoy the trip, looking at all the beautiful scenery and architecture along the way.

The bus will leave you at the central station, from where you can either catch an additional bus to reach your final destination, or enjoy the city.

How to Get from Stavanger Airport to City Centre

Fot. Hallvard Nygård / (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Distance from Stavanger Airport to City

The airport is relatively close to the city itself, being located just 15 kilometres to the south. By car, the journey will take around 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

Transport from Stavanger Airport to City Centre Various Options

You have multiple transport options, as is the case in most modern countries. So far, we’ve talked about public travel, but what about private? Perhaps you’d prefer to rent a car, hail a cab at the airport, or take advantage of the convenience and efficiency of an airport transfer.

With car rentals, you can travel on your own schedule, stopping to see sights or eat lunch whenever you like. Those are the advantages. There are two major drawbacks: the first is related to insurance, and the second is related to navigation. When purchasing insurance, you are almost always required to make a substantial deposit to cover any potential damages to the vehicle. This may appear to be perfectly acceptable, but from the perspective of a vacationer, it can mean that you are hundreds of euros out of pocket before the trip even begins. Navigation is also a concern, as navigating unfamiliar roads can be unpleasant at times.

How about hailing a taxi at the airport? This, too, may appear to be a decent option at first glance, but when you read reviews or speak with other tourists who have done something similar, you will realise that it is not. Taxi cabs frequently overcharge for a simple journey to the city, which means you’re getting ripped off. In order to ensure that you aren’t being ripped off in any way, booking your transfer with AtoB is a guarantee.

Cheapest Way from Stavanger Airport to City Centre

Price is always going to be an important element of any trip. Nobody wants to overspend on their vacation, especially after overpaying for their flight tickets. Although public transport is by far your cheapest choice here, it can be unpredictable and uncomfortable, especially for big groups.

In terms of larger groups, AtoB Transfer provides a variety of vans that, when calculated per passenger, are actually less expensive than public transportation. What sounds better, paying more for a train ride with thousands of other passengers or going comfortably with your friends and family in a private vehicle?

Price of Taxi from Stavanger Airport to City Centre

Vehicle Class Passengers Luggage Price (FCO)
Economy 4 3 €00.00
Business 3 2 €00.00
First Class 3 2 €00.00
Economy Van 6 6 €00.00
Business Van 7 6 €00.00
Economy Van+ 7 6 €00.00

Booking a Transfer Stavanger Airport to City with AtoB

Booking an AtoB Stavanger Airport transfer is incredibly simple – allow us to demonstrate! First, go to the booking page, where you may enter your arrival date and time, as well as where you want to be taken in the city. Keep in mind that our service is door-to-door, so you can be brought directly from the airport to the front door of your hotel, motel, house, flat or any other type of habitation.

After moving on to the following page, you will be able to choose from a wide choice of vehicles for your desired trip. As previously stated, you should choose the best car for your purposes.

After you’ve carefully chosen, you can personalise it to make it even more amazing!

Finally, complete the payment part, which is powered by Revolut, to complete your booking.

You will receive two (2) emails regarding your reservation; the first will be a simple confirmation of the booking, while the second, which will arrive approximately 24 hours before your journey, will contain your driver’s contact details. Make sure to get in touch to find out where the meeting point is!

How to Get from Stavanger Airport to City Centre