How to Get from Bratislava to Tatranská Lomnica

How to Get from Bratislava to Tatranská Lomnica

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Getting from Bratislava to Tatranská Lomnica

Hey again travellers! AtoB is back with a brand new guide! This time we’ve put together a how-to guide to provide instructions and tips for getting from Bratislava to Tatranska Lomnica. Depending on your preferences and budget, you have the option of taking public transportation, such as a bus or train, or even booking a private transfer. Each of these options will be discussed in more detail in the following sections. Let’s do it!

Get Know More about Tatranská Lomnica Ski Resort

Tatranska Lomnica is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Slovakian High Tatras mountain range. Located in northern Slovakia, the ski resort has been popular since 1952, when the first ski slope was opened. It is currently the largest ski resort in Slovakia and offers some of the most beautiful ski slopes in the country.

The resort has a total of 18 ski lifts, including chair lifts and T-bars, as well as one of the most advanced and efficient cable car systems in Europe. With about 15 kilometres, there are plenty of slopes for skiers and snowboarders, from beginner to advanced. Après-ski, visitors can enjoy the new, modern shopping centre with many restaurants, shops and entertainment attractions. Tatranska Lomnica is a great destination for a skiing holiday, and it is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

How to Get from Bratislava to Tatranská Lomnica

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How Do I Get from Bratislava to Tatranská Lomnica by Train?

Taking a train from Bratislava to Tatranska is a popular way to get between the two locations!

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you have the right tickets. You can purchase them online or visit a ticket office at the train station in Bratislava. Once you have your tickets, you can board your first train.

The first train you’ll take is the train towards Košice, which will take you from Bratislava to Poprad. This journey takes around 4 to 5 hours and the station where you’ll board is Bratislava Central Station. You’ll need to make sure you get off at the correct station, so keep an eye out for the signs and check the ticket.

Once you arrive in Poprad, you need to switch to the second train, which is one of the OS trains directed towards Štrbské Pleso. This train will take you from Poprad to Starý Smokovec. The journey takes around 25 minutes, and the station you’ll be departing from is Poprad-Tatry.

Finally, the third and last train you’ll take is also an OS train, which will take you from Starý Smokovec to your final destination. This journey takes around 15 minutes, and will only pass through a total of 4 other stations.

Tickets are priced at €16.34 for a ticket for all three of the trains, meaning you don’t have to buy a separate one for each. It is recommended to book online, and then you can also reserve seats and change class (for an extra cost, if desired).

Travel Tip: Slovakian rail provides discounts for travels over 60 kilometres, meaning for this trip you are eligible, head to their website to find out more.

How to Get from Bratislava to Tatranská Lomnica

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Getting a Bus Bratislava to Tatranská Lomnica?

As this journey covers multiple kilometres, it is only to be expected that the bus ride will be very long. There is currently only one provider who services this specific route, namely Flixbux. You can catch the bus from the Bratislava AS Mlynske Nivy station, with a very affordable ticket of just €25 euros. From there, prepare for an 8 hour journey to your destination.

There will be only 1 stop along the way, in Poprad, where you will need to catch another bus to Tatranska Lomnica. Unfortunately, this bus departs three hours later than arrival, so you will have the chance to look around Poprad.

Travel Tip: You may need to purchase additional luggage space if you are travelling with this option.

How to Get from Bratislava to Tatranská Lomnica

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What is the Distance Between Tatranská Lomnica to Bratislava in Slovakia

The distance between the two is 250 kilometres as the crow flies. The distance will be greater when travelling by train, bus or car.

Booking a Transfer Bratislava to Tatranská Lomnica?

Booking a private transfer from Bratislava to Tatranska Lomnica is the best option for a comfortable and stress-free journey. Although it may be an expensive option, the advantages of a private transfer are numerous.

A private transfer guarantees an experienced driver dedicated solely to you and your group, meaning you will be able to travel directly from your pickup point to the desired destination with no need to worry about any connections. The driver is also a great source of knowledge and more than happy to offer advice on the best local sites and routes.

Private transfers are also known for their top-notch security and comfort; they feature a luxurious interior and offer the convenience of air conditioning and other amenities. Furthermore, private transfers can often be tailored to the wishes of the passengers, whether that be the type of vehicle or the time of departure.

How to Get from Bratislava to Tatranská Lomnica

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