How to Get to Gatwick from Heathrow

How to Get to Gatwick from Heathrow

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Getting from Gatwick to Heathrow

Travelling between Gatwick and Heathrow airports is likely to be the first port of call for those arriving in the United Kingdom. Fortunately, you have multiple options for getting between these two airports, available to fit virtually any timeframe or budget. 
At AtoB Transfers, we are experts in providing a stress-free transfer between the airports, offering a wide range of options that includes a car, van, or coach. With years of expertise and a friendly, knowledgeable team of drivers, we are your best bet for safe, reliable transportation between Gatwick and Heathrow.

How Do i Get from Heathrow to Gatwick

As transportation in Great Britain is very accessible, getting between these two airports is a relatively easy ordeal. You can choose to take a train, bus, taxi, or treat yourself to the comfort and luxury of a private transfer. If you choose AtoB, you are getting all the luxury, without breaking the bank.

Read on to learn all the transportation methods between the two airports, and follow the guides to easily get to where you need to go.

How Do I Get a Gatwick to Heathrow Bus?

There is a bus travelling directly from one airport to the other, which departs at convenient intervals throughout the day. The buses run non-stop, meaning that regardless of your arrival time, you are able to catch one. Additionally, such buses depart from both terminal 2-3 as well as 5. If you are arriving at terminal 4, you can simply use the tube or railway to get to the other stations.

The trip will take just over 1 hour, and costs just £22.00. The tickets can either be bought online, or through the NationalExpress.

Travel Tip: Make sure you leave at least a 3 hour (180 minutes) window open for security checks at the airport. This will mean leaving one airport 4 hours in advance.

How to Get to Gatwick from Heathrow

Getting from Gatwick to Heathrow by Train?

A train ride between the two destinations is slightly less efficient as a transportation method, as it will require 1 train change halfway through the journey. 
From Gatwick Airport rail station, platform 1, catch the Thameslink service from Hosham to Peterborough, and disembark the train at the Farringdon station. From platform B at Farringdon, catch the train towards Heathrow Terminal 4 or 5. The price of the ticket is just £19.40, and can be purchased either directly from the ticket office, or online.

Travel Tip: Be warned, booking last minute could lead to booking the wrong trip between the two airports, and getting a more expensive ticket.

How to Get to Gatwick from Heathrow

How Far is Heathrow to Gatwick

It is just 25 miles as the crow flies, and 38 miles by road.

Getting Back from Gatwick to Heathrow Airport

If you are looking to make your way back from one airport to the other, you can refer to the guide above and take the journey in reverse. All the relevant information will be provided to you there, such as how to travel by different modes of transportation, which routes are available, the estimated time of travel and other helpful tips.

It is important to double check the fares, scheduling and other details before starting the journey. As the above guide deals purely with public transport, this guide shall now discuss the various private options available, most notably a private transfer with AtoB, which can be used to/from either of the airports.

Overall, getting back to Heathrow Terminal 5 from Oxford is simple and hassle-free. Just take the previously mentioned methods in reverse and you’ll be at your destination in no time!

Reliable Heathrow to Gatwick Transfer

If you’re looking for a reliable Heathrow to Gatwick transfer service, there are many options available. To ensure you get top-notch service for an affordable price, AtoB is the way to go. We stand out from the competition through our ability to personalise your ride, with add-ons such as a child seat, meet and greet or additional stops.

All of these features are included in our quote, so our passengers know exactly how much their journey will cost from the moment they book. Our drivers also have a high customer rating due to their reliability and care for the comfort of their passengers. With AtoB, you can be sure that you are getting excellent customer service for an affordable price.

Booking Gatwick to Heathrow Transfer

Booking a Gatwick to Heathrow transfer with AtoB’s easy to use online booking platform couldn’t be simpler. First, provide your pickup and drop-off locations, as well as the time you need to be picked up. From here, you’ll be given a range of options with full descriptions and prices, so you can find the perfect package to suit you.

Once you’ve chosen your option, you will be asked to provide your personal information such as name and contact details. You will also be able to select any additional extras such as child seats, special luggage requests, and even a meet and greet service if required. Finally, you can confirm and pay for your booking using a secure payment gateway, and breathe a sigh of relief knowing your Gatwick to Heathrow transfer has been booked in the easiest way possible.

How to Get to Gatwick from Heathrow


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Professional drivers

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Comfort and safety

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