How to Get to Stansted from London City Centre

How to Get to Stansted from London City Centre

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Getting from Stansted to London

Stansted Airport is a popular arrival and departure point for both tourists and locals alike, as its location is easily accessible by a number of public and private transportation options. In this article we shall discuss all available transit options, while also providing helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind when using this airport. Aside from this how-to guide, we also provide comprehensive guides to all other London Airports.

How Do I Get from Stansted Airport to London?

Which transportation option you choose is heavily determined by your travel needs. Families who are travelling will have very different requirements than a professional travelling for work in the UK.

This particular guide will not focus on transportation options for any one group specifically, but will rather cover the entire scope of available options. One can travel by train, bus, taxi, or even opt for a private transfer, if they value their privacy and want to ensure they arrive at the airport sans delay. 

How to Catch a Train from Stansted to London?

One of the most convenient, and mostly reliable transportation methods between the two locations is the train. There is a direct train route which goes from Stansted Airport to London Liverpool Street train station at regular intervals throughout the day. The duration of the train ride is just 50 minutes, and departs from either Platform 1 or 3 every 30 minutes, daily. The regular ticket price is £20.70, but cheaper tickets can be booked, if done well in advance.

The railway station is located to the south of the Airport, and directions are sign-posted throughout the terminal, making finding it simple.

Liverpool Street station is located in Finsbury, and is well-connected to further Underground connections. 

Travel Tip: Occasionally, buying two tickets, one from the Airport to Mountfitchet, and a second from Mountfitchet to London – Liverpool Street station will result in a cheaper fare.

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Getting a Bus from Stansted to London

Buses are also a fairly convenient option to get between the two locations. One can catch a bus from Stansted Airport, and arrive at London Stratford station in just 50 minutes. It is a direct bus route, which does not have any stops along the way.

Tickets are modestly priced at £16, making it the most affordable public transport option to choose. In addition, the bus runs all day at 20 minute intervals, meaning that no matter what time you arrive, you can always choose this option.

Stratford Station is located in Stratford, London. It is close to the Olympic Park, and has numerous underground stops close. 

Travel Tip: It is recommended to arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance of your flight. Make sure to plan your bus trip accordingly. 

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How Far is Stansted to London UK

As the crow flies, it is 31 miles from central London. That is 40 miles by road, which equates to 50 and 63 kilometres, respectively.

Getting Back from London to Stansted Airport

To get back to Stansted from London, there are a few different transport methods you can use. Trains, buses and coaches are the most popular and economical option. Taking the train from London to Stansted is a relatively easy journey, with Express trains available every throughout the day from central London. Of course, you could opt for a bus or coach from London to Stansted, most of which run directly from the centre of the city.

Whichever option you take, you should refer to the above guide to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. If, however, you prefer the convenience and luxury of a private transfer, you may wish to reserve a private transfer with AtoB Transfer. This will guarantee you a comfortable and safe trip, allowing you to sit back and relax as your driver takes you to your destination.

Trusted AtoB Airport Taxi to London from Stansted

AtoB’s London to Stansted private transfers offer passengers the ultimate comfort and convenience. With a private transfer, passengers can personalise their ride with the addition of numerous add-ons that add extra value to the journey.

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AtoB’s London to Stansted private transfers is the most comfortable option for any traveller who wants to enjoy a pleasant and personalised ride.

Booking Stansted Airport Transfer to London Centre

Booking a Stansted Airport transfer to London Centre with AtoB is incredibly easy. All a passenger has to do is enter their desired pickup date, time and place, provide some personal information about themselves, choose the exact vehicle for their trip, and then proceed to the payment page.

We have a variety of vehicles and several add-ons for our customers so they can enjoy a truly personalised travel experience. From child seats, to a complimentary meet-and-greet service, or even additional stops. Our simple booking platform allows customers to make an order in less than 5 minutes and receive confirmation from us in no time.

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