How to Get from Corvallis to PDX

How to Get from Corvallis to PDX

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Getting from PDX to Corvallis

Corvallis, home of Oregon State University (Go Beavers!). Are you visiting and need a ride from Portland Airport? You could just be interested in this small Oregon town, or maybe you’re going back home for the holidays and want to know the best way to get to and from the airport. No worries! AtoB has got you covered with our new guide on how to easily get from PDX to Corvallis and vice versa. So, get your bags packed and get ready for the trip in the USA. Here we go!

Cheapest Way to Get to PDX from Corvallis

The cheapest way to get from Corvallis to PDX is to take the bus. Bus tickets can be purchased online or at the Corvallis Station for just $15-20. As an added bonus, taking the bus is environmentally friendly in comparison to driving and emits zero emissions compared to a vehicle which would use a gallon of gas and produce several kilograms of CO2.

Another option is to rent a car. While it’ll cost more money than the bus, you’ll have the freedom to take your own route and also have a vehicle to use while staying in the area. The final option would be to go with AtoB’s private shuttle PDX to Corvallis route.

Though it’s more expensive than the other two options, the price is worth it for the convenience, comfort, and ease of traveling. The shuttle is equipped with comfortable, adjustable seating and further perks like complimentary water and Wi-Fi. It also offers luggage assistance, so it’s the perfect option for travelers headed to the airport with a lot of luggage. All in all, AtoB’s private shuttle Corvallis to PDX route is the perfect way to make the trip from PDX to Corvallis.

Is There a Corvallis to PDX Train?

No. Although Oregon has a great railway system, there is currently no trip between the two locations.

Travel Tip: Take the bus!

How to Get from Corvallis to PDX

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Can you Take a Bus from Corvallis to PDX?

Taking the bus from Corvallis to Portland is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to travel. The bus departs from the Corvallis Greyhound Station located at the corner of NorthWest 5th Street, and the journey takes approximately three hours. Ticket prices vary from $15 to $35, depending on the route of travel and when you book the trip. Passengers should ensure to arrive at the station at least 15 minutes before departure to avoid any delays.

The bus travels through the cities of Albany, Salem, and Wilsonville before arriving in Portland. Along the way, the bus will make various stops to pick up and drop off additional passengers. To ensure a comfortable journey, the bus is air-conditioned and has restroom facilities. Additionally, electric outlets are available on board for charging electronic devices and some also include WI-FI.

Travel Tip: Arrive at the bus stop early, just to make sure that you don’t miss your bus.

How Far is it from PDX to Corvallis?

The town of Corvallis is around 71.6 miles away from Portland.

Various Transportation Options from PDX to Corvallis

As the town of Corvallis is relatively small, there are really only a few available options for getting to the airport in Portland. As has been expressed thus far, if you prefer to take public transport, the bus is your only option. The bus is provided by private companies, as there are no public bus routes which go between the two locations.

In the following sections you will look into your only option for a private transfer to the airport. AtoB is one of the few (if not only) providers of private airport transfers from Corvallis to PDX.

Cheap Airport Shuttle Corvallis to PDX

If you want to guarantee a smooth, reliable and private trip from the town of Corvallis all the way to the airport in Portland, you really only have a few choices. The best one by far is AtoB transfer – even if that sounds a little biased! We are the only provider of private transfers who allows you to customize your ride.

This means you can fully personalize the trip with the inclusion of one of our numerous extra add-ons to guarantee you get a trip that is tailored precisely to your specifications. Perhaps you need additional stops on your trip to pick up some friends? No worries, we can arrange that. Do you wanna listen to your Spotify playlist during the journey? Your driver will be more than happy to check out what you’re listening to. Whatever it is, we can make it happen. Book now.

Booking a Quality Corvallis to PDX Shuttle

Fortunately for you, booking your trip is almost as easy as riding in the back of one of our shuttles! Head over to the booking page to get the ball rolling. Once there, input your pickup location (this can be your address as we offer a door-to-door service), the time you need the transfer, and your destination (so PDX in this case). From there, you will be provided with a comprehensive list of all available vehicles for your desired trip, each specifying exactly how many passengers they can take as well as luggage.

After carefully selecting the appropriate vehicle for you, head on down to the extra add-on section, where you can go wild and include as many as you want! Finally, comes the payment. We offer a one-time fixed price, meaning after payment you don’t have to worry about handling any cash during the trip, it’s all taken care of. That’s it! You will receive a confirmation email when you have finished booking, and a following email providing you with your driver’s information. Have a good trip!

How to Get from Corvallis to PDX


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