Phu Bai Airport Transfer and Taxi

Phu Bai Airport Transfer and Taxi

Are you taking a family trip to the central areas of Vietnam? You might want to know that there’s an even split possibility of having a relaxing and comfy ride to your destination depending on your means of transport. In comes AtoB to the rescue with complete assurance of luxurious, yet affordable and safe Phu airport transfer rides. So why bother with a second opinion?
Flexible cancellation
Flexible cancellation
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Fixed rates
Customer service
Customer service
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What Are the Main AtoB Features?

AtoB taxi is your way to make your journey more comfortable. Our main priority is to provide our clients with the highest level of comfort. We’ll make the most of your trips by providing you with exceptional transfer services.



Our company will provide you with fast and convenient transport from the airport to the hotel or the nearest city where you will stay.

Professional drivers

Professional drivers

Our experienced chauffeurs and private drivers are always happy to help and give any recommendations about the city attractions, road, or your stay.

Comfort and safety

Comfort and safety

AtoB offers a fixed price. Our driver will meet you with a name card, and you will have the driver’s contact info so that you do not get lost.

Searching for Safe Phu Bai Airport Taxi?

Phu Bai international airport is one of the many entry points to the central parts of Hue, Vietnam. It’s very small in size, as such, although it’s an international airport, it mainly handles domestic flights to areas like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Da Lat and vice versa. It has two terminals; the first terminal on the first floor is for arrivals and the second terminal for departures is on the second floor. For transportation to the central areas of Vietnam, you may either use Phu Bai airport transfers or shuttle buses. 

Naturally, traveling by bus would mean competing for seats and spaces while standing on your feet. Why submit yourself to such conditions when our airport taxis from Phu Bai offer cheap and comfortable ride alternatives?

CONTACT Phu Bai Airport


Name: Phu Bai international Airport


Terminals: 2

Latitude: 16.3979

Longitude: 107.7003

Telephone: (0234) 3861 646

Facilities: ATMs, shops

Transportation: Airport transfers, buses

Phu Bai Airport Transfer and Taxi

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What is the Cost of Phu Bai Airport Transfers?

If you’ve ever taken a transfer ride then it wouldn’t come as surprise to hear that quality and affordable Phu Bai airport transfers don’t often go hand in hand. Luckily, our airport taxis from Phu Bai are the exceptions to the rule. The cost of your ride quotes is solely dependent on your  chosen ride and the distance to your destination. In other words, no additional costs are incurred due to meter readings and such during the ride. This also means that a 15km Phu Bai airport taxi ride to Hue could cost differently for two people in different classes or vehicles.

Taxi class Taxi Price Number of seats
Economy Class 16€ 4
Economy Van 21€ 8
Economy Van + 23€ 6

Affordable AtoB Fleet at Phu Bai International Airport

True to our mission statement, we pride ourselves in providing quality transfer services that meet every need. If you are looking for new experiences on your trip to Hue, then boarding our airport taxis from Phu Bai is an excellent way to start the experience. For instance, if it tickles your fancy to have an over-the-top experience, then our limousine and chauffeured airport taxi rides will fit your style perfectly.

Because, not only is the ride affordable, but you also get to enjoy the very best of our services. In addition, our business XL and Comfort XL class rides are excellent alternatives for a group on a business trip or a family unit on a vacation respectively. It goes to show that we can accommodate every need. You just need to make your needs known and we’ll provide matching quality airport transfers. 

Types of AtoB Cars Near Phu Quoc Airport

Did you know that our Phu Quoc transfer service has been tailored to meet your every need? That’s right, there’s room for everyone irrespective of class, the depths of your pockets, or the peculiarities of your transfer wants. Boasting tailored cars such as the Comfort XL, and business and first-class vehicles, among others, it’s nearly impossible not to provide the best possible Phu Quoc transfers.

You could be a parent an expectant mother, a married couple, a car enthusiast, or a travel buff and we’ll still provide the best vehicles tailored to your standards. Why miss out on experiencing the best transfers in Vietnam?

Phu Bai Airport Transfer and Taxi

Why Should You Choose AtoB Transfer When Traveling Through Phu Bai Internatinal Airport

It goes without saying that any transfer service provider in Vietnam can make promises but very few can deliver on them. If history is anything to go by, some transfer providers have ben known to provide less than-desirable services. For instance, they will either charge exorbitant fairs for say a short airport transfer to Phu Bai as compensation for their profit margins or provide less than-ideal drivers at the airport seeing as travelers would have already settled the cost of the transfer by then.

In contrast, we have a reputation to keep as AtoB provides transfer needs across several continents around the world. In addition, our services are customer focused because the happier you are the more likely you are to retain our services. To that end, we go the extra mile to provide quality yet affordable transfers with professional and polite drivers behind the wheel. In addition, our Phu Bai airport taxi drivers are probably among the limited few that’ll wait on you at the airport in case of flight delays. Why would you want anything less after we’ve set the bar so high?

Phu Bai Airport Transfer and Taxi

We’d love to answer any questions

How long does it take to travel from Phu Bai to the city center of Hue?

It’s a 30 to 40 minutes drive with AtoB’s transfers. You may also take advantage of this opportunity to get to know more about where you are going in the event that you are unfamiliar with your destination.

How to book an AtoB Airport Taxi at Phu Bai international airport?

First, log in or create an AtoB airport transfer account if you don’t have an existing one. Choose the airport of your destination from the destination menu. And then follow the prompt on the right side of the screen to book an AtoB airport taxi.

Can you sleep at the Phu Bai International airport?

For the most part, there are available hotels in close proximity to the airport where you can spend the night. Our Phu Bai transfers can take you there within the shortest possible time for you to still catch a good night’s rest.

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Booking can be done at most 1 hour in advance.


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