Phu Quoc Airport Transfer and Taxi

Phu Quoc Airport Transfer and Taxi

Are you looking for a different scenery that promises refined cuisines and exotic experiences? Then Phu Quoc island is the place to be. What better way to start your Vietnamese trip than a cheap and relaxing Phu Quoc airport transfer
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Flexible cancellation
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Fixed rates
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Customer service
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What Are the Main AtoB Features?

AtoB taxi is your way to make your journey more comfortable. Our main priority is to provide our clients with the highest level of comfort. We’ll make the most of your trips by providing you with exceptional transfer services.



Our company will provide you with fast and convenient transport from the airport to the hotel or the nearest city where you will stay.

Professional drivers

Professional drivers

Our experienced chauffeurs and private drivers are always happy to help and give any recommendations about the city attractions, road, or your stay.

Comfort and safety

Comfort and safety

AtoB offers a fixed price. Our driver will meet you with a name card, and you will have the driver’s contact info so that you do not get lost.

Cheap Phu Quoc Airport Taxi Service

Since its inauguration in 2012, the  Phu Quoc international airport has quickly become one of the busiest places over the years due to tourist attractions. It currently operates both international and domestic flights. It also houses some of the generic airport facilities such as eateries, stores, ATMs, and sitting lounges. Although it’s a comfortable venue, nobody goes to the airport for sightseeing. So if you can’t hold in the excitement and are looking to leave the airport according to your taste, then try booking our cheap Phu Quoc airport taxi service.

Airport Contact details


Name: Phu Quoc


Latitude: 10.2240

Longitude: 103.9632

Telephone: +84 297 3595 959

Facilities: Shops, ATMs, WIFI, eateries

Transportation: Bus, transfer rides, and local taxis

The Cost of Phu Quoc International Airport Transfers Service

One of the most unfortunate happenings would be to have insufficient funds to pay for a Phu Quoc airport transfer due to unfavorable meter readings. In comes AtoB to the rescue. Unlike our competitors, our quotes aren’t influenced by meter readings, traffic jams, or other external factors. What’s truly taken into consideration is the distance of your Phu Quoc transfer and the class of the ride. Why not save yourself the headache of unpredictable taxi fairs with prebooked transfer at Phu Quoc?

Class of Vehicle Quotes  Passengers 
Comfort 12€ 4
Business 20€ 3
First Class 25€ 3
Comfort XL 13€ 8
Business XL 25€ 7

Various Destinations to Go with AtoB Transfers

Did you know that Phu Quoc island is becoming one of the most visited places in Vietnam? And no it’s not for how the name rolls off the tongue. This newfound curiosity for the Vietnamese island might have something to do with an unconscious contempt for already frequented tourist spots in the Southeast Asian regions. So, why not try something new? After all, familiarity breeds contempt.

If you are looking to spice things up? Then you might want to start the experience on the high altitudes on the cable car rides of Hon Thom island. You may also want to take a Phu Quoc transfer trip to any of the many beaches like Khem beach, Hon Xuong island, and Vung Bau beach for a little bit of everything. Lastly, rare sights like the Ho Quoc pagoda and Vinpearl Safari are sure to blow your mind. 

Phu Quoc Airport Transfer and Taxi

Types of AtoB Cars Near Phu Quoc Airport

Did you know that our Phu Quoc transfer service has been tailored to meet your every need? That’s right, there’s room for everyone irrespective of class, the depths of your pockets, or the peculiarities of your transfer wants. Boasting tailored cars such as the Comfort XL, and business and first-class vehicles, among others, it’s nearly impossible not to provide the best possible Phu Quoc transfers.

You could be a parent an expectant mother, a married couple, a car enthusiast, or a travel buff and we’ll still provide the best vehicles tailored to your standards. Why miss out on experiencing the best transfers in Vietnam?

Phu Quoc Airport Transfer and Taxi

Fot. EurovisionNim / CC BY-SA 4.0

Booking the AtoB Phu Quoc Airport Transfer

So, you’ve heard about the unique perks of AtoB’s Phu Quoc airport taxi service and want to have a first-hand experience? Great, you are off to a great start in Vietnam. So, how do you book the best airport taxi ride, one might ask? Thanks to the simplistic appeal of our user interface, booking international airport transfers have become a walk in the park.

Can’t take our word for it? Then see for yourself. For starters, log in or sign up to create a new  AtoB account if it’s your first time using our airport taxi service. It’s worth mentioning that the signup process is hardly any different from creating an email account and it only takes a few short minutes to complete the process. What’s left to do is to follow the prompt on the right side of your screen and fill out the details of your itinerary to complete the booking process. Our platforms also allow you to calculate the cost of a ride before booking so you have a rough idea of the cost of the ride beforehand. You are all but set to have your first AtoB Phu Quoc transfer experience once you are done booking your ride. 

Phu Quoc Airport Transfer and Taxi

We’d love to answer any questions

What is the price for an airport transfer from Phu Quoc Airport to the city center?

Although affordable, we don’t have a one size fits all payment for all transfers, especially since our services have been sectioned into different classes with corresponding quotes. This means the cost of Phu Quoc transfers to the city center, with say a comfort-class ride is bound to be different from a first-class ride. Therefore, the distance and vehicle class are what determine the cost of our transfers.

How long does it take to transfer from Phu Quoc Airport to the city?

It’s a 9km distance from the airport to the city center, and it will take approximately 15 minutes to get there with our rides.

What ride options can I pick while traveling with AtoB Phu Quoc Transfers?

Depending on your needs, you may choose from the comfort-class vehicles to the business XL class and everything in between. Also, we provide chauffeured or limousine airport taxi rides, which are often more appropriate for a festive mood. 

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Booking can be done at most 1 hour in advance.


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