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10+1 Things to see in Athens, Greece

10+1 Things to see in Athens, Greece
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Ultimate Guide of Places to see and things to do in Athens, Greece

Howdy AtoB Travellers! Are you ready for another journey with us? This time on the agenda we are taking you on a “virtual” tour of one of the oldest cities in the world, Athens! Because, take our word for it when we tell you, this city is packed to the brim with so much excitement (and old, historical stuff, too), you’re not gonna know what hit you! From the ancient ruins of the Acropolis, all the way down to the modern city of Athens and its exciting, although oftentimes intimidating, nightlife; of course we couldn’t forget about the delicious food! 
All of this makes Athens, Greece, a place that you will surely never forget. So, whether you are the kind of traveller who thinks looking at centuries-old pots and arches and stuff is cool, or someone who just wants to bar crawl and chow down on tons of new exciting food, Athens is definitely not going to disappoint! So, get your archaeology- or party-hat on and get ready to be whisked away to a city that has a little bit of everything. Let’s dive into the top things to see and do in Athens!

10+1 Best Places To See and Things To Do in Athens, Greece

1. Acropolis: Okay, okay, I know what you may be thinking – “duh, everyone knows about the Acropolis”. But listen, sweetie, just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit. Standing tall and proud, the Acropolis is a symbol of ancient Athens and the perfect spot to snap some epic photos. Plus, the views of the city from the top are pretty cool too, unless it’s windy!

2. Plaka: If you want to get lost in charming, winding streets that transport you back in time, Plaka is the place for you. This neighbourhood is chock full of shops, cafes, and restaurants, but the real star of the show is the architecture. You’ll feel like you’re strolling through a movie set (or a postcard, if you’re into that sort of thing).

3. National Archaeological Museum: I know museums aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but hear me out. The National Archaeological Museum is home to some seriously cool artefacts from ancient Greece, like sculptures, pottery, and jewellery. You might even catch a glimpse of the iconic Mask of Agamemnon. Plus, the air conditioning is a welcome break from the Athenian heat.

4. Mount Lycabettus: Are you ready for a workout? Good, because hiking to the top of Mount Lycabettus is no joke. But trust me, the panoramic views of Athens at the summit are worth the sweat. Plus, you’ll feel like a badass for conquering a mountain.

5. Syntagma Square: Here’s the thing about Syntagma Square – it’s just a square. But it’s also the epicentre of Athens, with the Greek Parliament, luxury hotels, and high-end shops all in the vicinity. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might catch the changing of the guard ceremony in front of the Parliament building. Nothing like some synchronised foot stomping to brighten your day, right?

6. Monastiraki Flea Market: Ready to do some shopping? The Monastiraki Flea Market is the perfect place to pick up souvenirs, vintage clothes, and all sorts of trinkets. Just be prepared to haggle – it’s all part of the fun. Just keep in mind that, for it to truly be a “flea market”, you’ll have to visit on a Sunday!

7. Ancient Agora: Another ancient site? You betcha. The Ancient Agora is a sprawling complex that was once the heart of Athens. Today, you can wander through ruins like the Temple of Hephaestus and the Stoa of Attalos, pretending you’re a philosopher or something.

8. Benaki Museum: I promise this is the last museum on the list. The Benaki Museum is a bit different, though – it focuses on Greek art and culture from the prehistoric era to modern times. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re into pottery, textiles, or jewellery.

9. Exarcheia: Okay, I’m gonna be real with you – Exarcheia can be a bit intense. It’s known as a hub for activism and counterculture, with graffiti and political murals lining the streets. But, it’s also a fascinating place to explore due to this history of anarchism and political radicalism! There are a ton of alternative bars and cafes, street art, and just a general sense of rebellion in the air – but, yeah – just be cautious, that’s all I’m saying!

10. Kaisariani Monastery: You didn’t think I’d forget the obligatory monastery, did you? As I say every time: You can’t write an article on Greece without including a monastery, it’s a rule! So, Kaisariani Monastery is a peaceful oasis in the midst of the bustling city. The complex includes a church, a garden, and even a small museum. Plus, the views of Athens from the hillside are breathtaking.

11. Philopappos Hill: also known as the Hill of the Muses, this charming hill offers an incredible panoramic view of Athens that is definitely worth the instagram post! And, if you’re lucky and catch the sunset it will be even better. Now, if you’re wondering who Philopappos is, don’t worry, I got you. He was a prince of the Kingdom of Commagene, and the son of King Antiochus IV of Commagene, who later became a Roman senator. Apparently, Philopappos loved Athens so much that he was buried on this hill in a lavish tomb. Now, the tomb is gone, but the hill remains, offering visitors an incredible view and an amazing way to work off all those delicious Greek dishes you’ve been enjoying.

10+1 Things to see in Athens, Greece

10+1 Things to see in Athens, Greece

10+1 Things to see in Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece Travel and More

So there you have it, folks! You have reached the end of this post, which we truly appreciate you taking the time to do. Athens, or Αθήνα, is one of those special cities that has a little bit of everything, for everyone. From the culture vultures to food fanatics, and everything in between, we are confident you’re in for the perfect vacay.

With all this new info you’ve just received on Athens, it may seem a bit hard to know what to choose first, or even worse how to get there! Fear not, though – as, when it comes to getting where you need to be, in Athens, you’re spoiled for choice. With plenty of transportation options available to help you out, from public transport, such as buses, metros and trams to taxis, and even our own reliable and friendly transfer service at AtoB, we’ve got you covered. 
So, now you know everything there is to know about Athens, get them bags packed, transfers booked, and we’ll be waiting to pick you up at the airport to start your Athenian adventure in the best possible way!

10+1 Things to see in Athens, Greece

Posted by AtoB • June 5, 2023

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