Cologne Airport Transfers and Taxi

Cologne Airport Transfers and Taxi

Cologne, a city with a history spanning back some 2000 years, full to the brim with mediaeval architecture and so much more, is the perfect place for a holiday. If you want to experience German culture and history, as well as its approach to the modern world, Cologne is the place to go and AtoB’s Cologne Airport Transfers are the way to get there!
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What Are the Main AtoB Features?

AtoB taxi is your way to make your journey more comfortable. Our main priority is to provide our clients with the highest level of comfort. We’ll make the most of your trips by providing you with exceptional transfer services.



Our company will provide you with fast and convenient transport from the airport to the hotel or the nearest city where you will stay.

Professional drivers

Professional drivers

Our experienced chauffeurs and private drivers are always happy to help and give any recommendations about the city attractions, road, or your stay.

Comfort and safety

Comfort and safety

AtoB offers a fixed price. Our driver will meet you with a name card, and you will have the driver’s contact info so that you do not get lost.

Trusted Cologne Airport Transfers

If you are arriving at Cologne-Bonn Airport, you are going to need to ensure you can get from the airport to your accommodation easily and for a good price. That is where AtoB swoops in to save the day! With our wide range of affordable vehicles, we offer one of the finest Cologne Airport taxi services available. Leave the worries of transportation to those who have yet to hear of AtoB, and reserve a quality Cologne Airport Taxi with the best. 

Cologne, Germany, is a city teeming with an abundance of both history & modernity. Known for its impressive Gothic cathedral, the city has a lively atmosphere; offering something for everyone. For the history buffs, there is much to discover, ranging from the baroque churches and Roman ruins to the numerous museums scattered across the city. It is not reserved purely for those searching for history, as lovers of modernity will also get their money’s worth here; there are brewery pubs and shopping centres throughout the city, all of which are certain to offer a good time. With its diverse inhabitants and fascinating culture, Cologne is a fantastic destination – whether you want to learn about the city’s fascinating past or simply relax and enjoy. Now, on to the airport!

Cologne-Bonn Airport, located in the Southern quadrant of North Rhine-Westphalia, is a busy hub which conveniently offers travel for both International and Domestic flights. With over 12 Million passengers per annum, it’s the seventh largest airport in Germany, behind Hamburg. The Airport offers the standard range of Services one can find in most modern airports, including free Wi-Fi, a slew of duty-free shops and a variety of Restaurants and Cafés. Cologne-Bonn Airport is also a hub for several airlines, including Eurowings and Ryanair, so you can easily get to destinations across Europe and beyond from here. The Airport is found just 15 kilometres south-east of Cologne and 16 kilometres North-East of Bonn, making it popular for visitors of both cities.

Contact Details

Airport Code: CGN / EDDK

Name: Cologne Bonn Airport

Address: Kennedystraße, 51147 Köln, Germany

Phone: +49 2203 404 001


Cologne Airport Transfers and Taxi

Fot. © Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0

Taxi to Cologne Airport Prices

At AtoB, we want to offer a quality Taxi Cologne Airport service at every price range. Perhaps you don’t want to overspend on your airport transportation, but still want to enjoy the comfort and convenience of private travel – well, we have just the ride for you! Our economy class costs just €56.00, or a little over €10.00 per person, for a full car. Don’t let the name fool you, though; all our rides are driven by trained, professional Cologne Airport Taxi drivers, who offer a reliable service in a comfortable car. 

For larger groups, we have a respectable offering of vans and shuttles, which are great if you want to travel with more than 4 people, or have expensive equipment that needs to be transported safely. All the vans, whether you opt for economy or business, are equipped with the latest amenities and ample leg- and luggage room. 

No matter your travel needs, AtoB has exactly the Taxi from Cologne Airport you need.

The Cost of the Taxi from Cologne Airport






City centre

city hall

14.5 kilometers

city hall

15 minutes

Taxi class  People  Luggage Luggage Taxi Price
Economy 4 3 €56.00
Business 3 2 €60.00
First Class 3 2 €200.00
Economy Van 7 6 €66.00
Business Van 7 6 €100.00
Economy Van+ 8 8 €69.00

AtoB Fleet for Cologne Bonn Airport Taxi

So, we discussed the pricing, now let’s look over the entire AtoB fleet for our Taxi Cologne Airport service. 

As said, for a no-nonsense Cologne Airport transfer at an impressive price, we have our economy sedans. These are usually Skoda Octavias or similar and have comfortable seating and plenty of luggage room. If you are travelling solo, or with your partner and want an affordable ride, then this is the option for you. 

The two other sedan options we offer for our Airport Transfer Cologne service come in Business and First-Class specifications. The vehicles used for these categories and predominantly Mercedes E and S classes, and both come equipped with the absolute premium amenities and luxurious seating. Business, as the name states, is a great option for travelling professionals, whereas first-class is reserved for those who appreciate only the finest things in life. 

Finally, the 3 van and shuttle options available in our Taxi Cologne Airport fleet are the go-to option for large groups. If you are coming to Germany with friends or colleagues, either for a fun getaway or some kind of symposium, then you may benefit from reserving a van. When calculating the price of your Cologne Airport transfer, divided by the number of passengers, booking a van with us is usually cheaper, per person, than public transport is – so, just keep that in mind!

Cologne Airport Transfers and Taxi

Luxury Chauffeur-Driven Taxi Cologne Airport

Not only do we provide one of the finest Cologne Airport Transfers available, you will also be thrilled to hear that we offer a Chauffeur Service, which can be hired by-the-hour. That’s right, if you want to have a trained chauffeur at your beck and call, ready to take you from one place to the next, this service is just what you need. It can be used to get from airport to meeting to hotel and back again, or even just as a fun and comfortable way to get driven around the city – the choice is yours!

So, if you want a chauffeur service with all the pzazz to make you feel like a VIP, then AtoB has precisely what you need. You can book our Taxi Cologne Airport chauffeur service simply by clicking “Hourly Ride” during booking.

Choosing a Top-Rated Cologne Airport Shuttle you can Trust

Are you sick and tired of having uninspiring, boring rides to and from the airport? Maybe that isn’t really an issue, but let’s say hypothetically it is, for argument’s sake. Being taken to the airport by a grumpy old taxi driver, who just wants to get you out of their cab ASAP doesn’t sound like an exciting start to your much anticipated trip to Germany (or anywhere else), does it? 

At AtoB, we have had our share of lousy airport transfers, and that’s why we said enough! We want to provide a quality experience, which can be fully customised to your travel needs. You can personalise your experience by including one of our many extra add-ons to your trip, such as child seats, additional stops, music preference, the language your driver speaks, and many more. This is a surefire way to guarantee an unforgettable experience, from beginning to end.

Where to go with a Cologne Airport Taxi

So, now that we have (hopefully) convinced you that choosing AtoB for your Cologne Airport Transfers is a sage choice, let us now give you some insider info on the places you have to see while in Cologne. 

You may just be passing through for a day or two, and have a few hours to kill – make sure you check out one of the 5 spots we recommend for any Cologne Trip! Best part of all, is that with our Taxi Cologne Airport service, we can take you to any one of these places.

  1. Cologne Cathedral – Perhaps the most iconic landmark in the city, this gothic masterpiece is a must-visit when you’re in Cologne. From admiring panoramic views to being shocked by the intricate details of the architecture, we are placing this at number 1 for a reason.
  2. Chocolate Museum – Chocolate lovers rejoice! This mecca for chocoholics is a yummy attraction that takes visitors on a journey through the history of chocolate – from bean to your stomach. Learn about the process of chocolate-making, show your chocolate connoisseurship by tasting what is being made, and of course, take home a sweet souvenir. Don’t forget to book an appointment to the dentist after this!
  3. Old Town – The historic heart of Cologne, the Old Town is a charming and picturesque area filled with old, colourful buildings, narrow windy streets, and lively cafes and restaurants. Just taking a stroll down these streets is enough to soak up the long and rich culture of this city.
  4. Rhine River Cruise – Take a relaxing cruise along the picturesque Rhine River and enjoy the stunning views of the city from the water. A perfect way to unwind and take in the sights, and maybe have a few beers while you’re at it!
  5. Museum Ludwig – Art lovers won’t want to miss the Museum Ludwig, which houses an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art. From Picasso to Warhol, the museum has something for everyone and is a must-visit for any art enthusiast.

Cologne Airport Transfers and Taxi

How to Book Taxi Cologne Airport Online

Finally, let’s have a quick look at how to book your Cologne Airport Transfers – luckily this is a walk in the park! 

First of all, you need to input when you are arriving (as well as inputting your pickup location), and where you need to be taken. This will then provide you with an extensive list of all available vehicles, as well as their prices. The price is calculated by the distance travelled alone, and not influenced by whether you book the ride during the day or night.

After carefully checking the luggage and passenger capacities of each vehicle and making your choice, scroll down to the next section. Here, you will be able to personalise your ride. Make sure to include wherever extras will make your ride most comfortable, and also provide any additional information the platform may request. 

Following this, you can proceed to checkout. We use the STRIPE payment service to ensure 100% security during payment. They offer payments with all major credit cards as well as Apple- and GooglePay.

You’re done! Getting ready for a great Cologne Airport Taxi trip, and safe travels until then!

Cologne Airport Transfers and Taxi

We’d love to answer any questions

Where is Cologne Airport located?

Almost exactly in between the cities of Cologne and Bonn, in Western Germany.

How many terminals are there at Cologne Airport?

There are a total of two (2) terminals at Cologne Airport, the old terminal (1) and the new (2). The old is broken into two sections, T1B and T1C, whereas the new one is made up solely of one section, T2D.

How much is an Airport Shuttle Cologne ride usually?

Depending on the service you choose, you can expect to pay anywhere from €40 to €70. When booking your Cologne Airport Taxi with AtoB, you get a fixed rate, which isn’t affected by traffic or other road congestion issues.

Does AtoB offer Private Cologne Airport Transfers?

Yes, of course. Not only do we offer them, but we have perfected our private Cologne Airport Transfers. You will never be asked to share a ride with other passengers, that’s a guarantee!

Can you get a baby seat with AtoB’s Cologne Airport Transfers?

Indeed you can. By including the add-on of a child seat when booking your Cologne Airport taxi, your driver will have one installed appropriately in their vehicle prior to picking you up.

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Booking can be done at most 1 hour in advance.


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