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How to Get from Athens to Loutraki

Curious about the best way to get to the seaside resort of Loutraki? If you are travelling from Athens, you can get there easily with a number of different transport options. You can opt to take the train, a bus, taxi, or even travel in style by booking a private transfer with AtoB. In the following paragraphs we shall discuss all available options, including their pro’s and con’s, and you can make the right decision for you. Let’s go!

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Best Way to Get to Loutraki from Athens

The “best” way to get from Athens to Loutraki will depend on your own travel preferences, as well as needs. If you are travelling with your family, taking the relatively long bus ride may become tiresome, whereas if you are commuting solo, the bus and train are perfect options. In total the train ride takes almost an hour and a half, while driving will be slightly shorter.

Located in the Gulf of Corinth, Loutraki is known for its hot springs, which are heavily promoted as providing therapeutic health benefits. It promises to be a great location for tourists, both in the winter and summer. There are a number of sightseeing opportunities in the town, aside from enjoying the thermal springs, such as the St. Patapius monastery or the Heraion of Perachora.

Can you Get from Loutraki to Athens by Train?

Getting directly to Loutraki by train isn’t possible, although by combining a train ride with a further taxi ride, one can reach the seaside resort without too much hassle. One will need to catch a train to the nearby town of Korinthos, from where a following taxi- or bus ride will need to be taken.

The train that you will need to catch begins its journey at Athens Railway Station, which is located close to the Larissa Metro station, just north of central Athens. Various train numbers operate this route, thus it is recommended to look at the destination name displayed on the train.

The train to Korinth runs daily, starting at 4:30am until 10:30pm, with ticket prices ranging from €20 to €30, depending on how much in advance they are booked, and other factors. The journey will take just over an hour, and travels past the Saronic Gulf, offering beautiful views of the ocean along the way.

If you are beginning your journey at Athens Airport (AIA), you will need to catch two trains in total, with a travel time of an hour and a half. The first train will be directly from the Airport’s train station, and will take you to the Kato Acharnai train station; from where you will need to take a train to Korinth. The train from the airport also departs at convenient one hour intervals, meaning you can take it at any point of the day.

Getting from Athens Airport to Loutraki

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Getting a Athens to Loutraki by Bus

In a similar fashion to the train route, so too with the bus there is no direct journey from Athens to Loutraki. But, there is only one bus change in Korinth, which has a layover time of 10 minutes. To catch the bus, you will need to go to the KTEL Kifissos bus station, which can be reached by taking a tram to the Agios Antonios Metro station, and walking to the bus stop.

From there the journey will take around an hour to reach Korinth, and a further 10-15 minutes to reach Loutraki. Ktel buses are a comfortable, and convenient way to get around Greece, and are available in every region. The price of a single ticket to Loutraki will cost €8.50, and can be purchased online prior to departure.

Travel Tip: Purchase your tickets online at the official Ktel website for an e-ticket.

Getting from Athens Airport to Loutraki

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Distance from Athens to Loutraki

In total, the seaside resort of Loutraki is 66 kilometres away as the crow flies, and 81 kilometres (50 miles) west of Athens by car.

Various Transportation Options from Loutraki to Athens

For the journey from Loutraki to Athens, you can choose to take a number of transportation methods. The most common will be by train or bus, whereas taxi and private transfers will be slightly less so. Renting a car, or booking a rideshare are also options, although the former may be the most expensive option, and the latter can oftentimes not align with your plans.

Cheapest Way from Athens to Loutraki

The cheapest way by far to get to Loutraki from Athens is by taking the bus. The ticket costs just €8.50 for the trip, and can conveniently be bought online prior to taking the trip. The capacity of the bus will be different depending on what time of the year you are making the journey, with the summer months seeing more passengers taking the bus, whereas winter will mostly be less busy. Due to this it can oftentimes be uncomfortable, as well as fully booked. By reserving in advance, you stand the best chance of getting a spot.

How much is an Athens Airport taxi to Loutraki

Standard taxi services will charge a base fare of €1.29, followed by an additional €0.74 per kilometre. Depending on traffic, this should lead to a taxi fare just over €60. Although the price can fluctuate, depending on the time of day you are travelling.

Booking Athens Airport Taxi to Loutraki

We left the best for last. If you value your comfort and privacy, the only option for you is booking a private transfer with AtoB. With a door-to-door service, your driver will get you directly to the seaside resort in what will feel like just a few moments. We offer an unparalleled service, which can be customised to suit your personal travelling preferences.

With a large range of additional extras, such as child seats, additional stops, and a meet and greet service, among others, we are sure we have exactly what you need. You can simply reserve your trip through our easy-to-use booking platform, where you will just need to input your pickup/drop-off locations.

After inputting the information, you will be provided with a list of all the available vehicles for your desired trip. We offer economy, business and first-class cars, meaning you can travel in any style you wish, for any price.

Make the right decision for your Loutraki to Athens trip, and choose AtoB. We do travel your way.

Getting from Athens Airport to Loutraki