How to get from Heathrow to London Bridge

How to get from Heathrow to London Bridge

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Getting from London Bridge to Heathrow Airport

Welcome to AtoB’s guide on how to get from London Bridge to Heathrow Airport. Travel between London Bridge and Heathrow can be achieved in a few simple steps via different transportation methods in the UK.

From public transport such as the London Underground, overground trains and buses, to rideshare or taxi services – the options to get to Heathrow are plentiful. And of course, the best way to get there is with AtoB Transfers’ professional and reliable transfer services. Let’s get started by taking a closer look into each of the different options to get from London Bridge to Heathrow.

About London Bridge (LB) Station

The Station has served travellers in London since the 1830s, when it was built as the original terminus of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway lines. Located on the south bank of the River Thames, it is the oldest railway station in London and the third busiest in the city. The station is served by seven different rail lines, including the four lines of the London Underground, and is accessible by both local and national train services. The station also has several restaurants and shops, and is used by hundreds of thousands of commuters and tourists every day.

The bridge itself is the oldest crossing on the River Thames, with its original wooden construction built back in the 11th century. It was reconstructed several times, with the current stone bridge dating back to 1831. The bridge has several unique features, such as two drawbridges and a viewing platform in the centre of the bridge. It is a popular destination for sightseers and offers amazing views of London and the Thames.

How Can you Get from London Bridge to Heathrow by Train?

Taking the train from here to Heathrow is an easy and cost-effective way to get to the world’s busiest airport. The journey takes just under an hour and tickets cost between 11 and 25 pounds, depending on whether you book in advance. The journey requires one change at either Bond Street Station or Paddington Station, depending on which train you take, and you’ll want to check the timetable for your journey before you go.

You’ll find overhead signs and electronic information screens at the station that can help you plan your trip to ensure that you’re on the right train for your Heathrow connection. Once you’ve reached the airport, there are several different options for getting to your terminal.

Travel Tip: Within London, you can buy an Oyster card and easily travel within certain Zones of London.

How to get from Heathrow to London Bridge

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Getting a Bus from London Bridge to Heathrow Airport

Taking a bus between this station and Heathrow Airport is sadly not an option, as there is no direct route. If someone feels so inclined, they could take the London Underground to Victoria Station and take the bus from there. However, for a direct route, the best option is to take either the train or a private transfer. Taking a train remains the quickest option, though, taking only about 22 minutes. A private transfer would be slightly more expensive, but if you value your privacy and comfort then this is probably the most comfortable option.

Travel Tip: Taking the London Underground can be very complicated, check our how-to guide on it to figure it out, easily!

How to get from Heathrow to London Bridge

How Far is Heathrow to London Bridge

The distance between the two locations is 25.58 kilometres or 15.9 miles as the crow flies. By car, the journey is approximately 34.6 miles and takes approximately 50 minutes, depending on traffic. 

Getting Back from Heathrow to London Bridge

Getting back from Heathrow Airport to London Bridge can be easily achieved through several transportation methods. Depending on the budget, level of comfort and journey time preferred, customers can choose from the train, bus, taxi, ride-sharing services, or even a private car. Taking any of these transportation methods in reverse is the best way to return from Heathrow to London Bridge.

All these methods are cost-effective and can be found at all times to provide convenient and adequate transportation, while the journey time varies depending on the option chosen. However, the most efficient one is undoubtedly our AtoB transfer, since it allows customers to book a trip in advance and have a dedicated car with a professional driver pick them up and drop them off at their destination with the simplest of processes.

Booking Heathrow Airport Taxi to London Bridge

Leaving the best for last, booking a Heathrow Airport taxi to London Bridge with AtoB’s easy-to-use booking platform remains the most comfortable and safe way to get between the two locations. All you have to do is visit AtoB’s booking platform, and enter the details of your trip, such as pick up date, time and location, destination, and vehicle size.

To ensure a stress-free ride, customers can also specify special requirements, such as a meet and greet service and extra stops. For families traveling with children, they can request a child seat and other convenient amenities directly from the website. With AtoB, riders can also personalise their rides, replacing the standard journey with an upgraded one, for an additional fee.

AtoB is the best provider for taxi rides from Heathrow to London Bridge, being the only platform to offer these levels of customization. With straightforward, quick bookings and an extensive list of on-board facilities, AtoB is a reliable choice for the most comfortable taxi rides from Heathrow Airport to London Bridge. 

How to get from Heathrow to London Bridge


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